Kiara R

He asked me jokingly if he could come to my sixth birthday party and I said no.  Like the force of a car crashing into another, my heart stopped when I learned ‘no’ were the last words I ever spoke to my uncle. With the heavy weight of a boulder for his lost came also the complications that death brings. Because two of his four children had also lost their mom to cancer, my family was left  with the burden of the upbringing of my parentless cousins. It was then that I realized that life was not a security but a privilege that one needs to embrace tightly and make the most of. Life insurance provides a safe method to ease the impact for those who are affected by one’s passing and at the same time helps protect the direction one’s funds go.

Usually, insurance is considered a contract where one pays a certain amount of money that is assured after death. This money, like in my uncle’s situation, can serve as a monthly income to his children until they are able to provide for themselves. In the example of the oldest child, he was able to pay his first years of college with his father’s life insurance and later on studied to become a doctor. The second oldest, inherited his house and was able to remodel it with the money and later sell it to purchase her own house. My other two cousins are about to graduate now and are in pursue of higher educational degrees that my uncle’s insurance will help pay for. My uncle’s life insurance saved the life of his four kids and mitigated the repercussions of his passing.

Besides providing for dependants, life insurance can also be used to pay off the immediate and not so immediate life expenses covered after death. These include funeral charges and medical bills but also the cost of mortgage and car payments. This is one of the main reasons insurance is important to me and it is an important investment altogether; because it reassures that loved ones and family who are already suffering will not have to carry on the heavy burden of paying for one’s debts and bills. This past summer, the news of my second uncle’s death hit me like a gust of cold wind. Unfortunately, he died in another country and his remains had to be flown back home. Being from an unwealthy household, my family had to gather all they could to be able to pay for the trip and funeral. My uncle, who did not have any kids, never realized how essential insurance was and how versatile and suitable it could be for him.

As part of my professional goals, I want to develop a business dedicated to providing funds for scientific investigations. My business will help young generations experience the process of creating a methodological design to carry out their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math research while providing them with the needed materials and guidance for their completion. Upon investigation I realized that life insurance can be used to continue funding my business even after my passing. Therefore, helping me accomplish my goal of aiding student research even if I am not present. Furthermore, life insurance can be used with the purpose of bequeathing for charities and nonprofit organizations. This purpose helps direct the deceased’s funds toward a selfless cause and it is a practical method if the dead person does not have any dependents or spouses. Or if the deceased is focused and interested in mitigating the lives of those in poverty in a form of reciprocity for those who cannot afford their own life insurance.

Ultimately,  insurance is the best tool used to protect the well being of one self or involved entities and individuals. It is based on the mere fact that every being can pass away without warning. And in having  the security of knowing there are no problems left for others when you leave. I believe that insurance provides the space to let one think beyond one self amd care for others as equally. Like a person praying for heaven’s floor to break so it can shine light on the earth’s surface, I ask that my two uncles can hear my other last words:  that yes I love them, yes they are important to me, yes the heavy boulder was lifted from our back, yes we will be okay and that yes my soul will meet theirs once I am insured that the rest of our family will not be burdened with my legacy, rather that  they will celebrate it in peace. To those who read me, may your last words never be no. May they be safe, may they have insurance, may they be secured.

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