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There are many people across the country that doesn’t realize the value of insurance. Insurance is having your property, life, or belongings secured. You really don’t know how much it’s worth until you need to use it.

My first encounter with insurance was at a very young age.. I was 8 years old and my dad began getting really sick. We were hesitant taking him to the doctor because he had no health insurance and it would cost a lot of money. We had several appointments but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. During all of this, the hospital bills were just piling up because we didn’t have enough money to pay them off.

One day I remember clearly, was when my dad’s doctor sent him to a new hospital building downtown. We kept driving in circles around the same block, but couldn’t seem to find the building we were looking for. We finally decided that maybe the building we were spiraling around was the one. I didn’t understand this at the time, but my mom was frightened by one word on the hospital building. The word cancer. We walked in and it was filled with pale faces and elder looking people in wheelchairs connected to machines. We were speechless and didn’t believe we were in the right place. My dad had an appointment here? We slowly walked up to the front desk and asked if this was the address on my dad’s note. They said yes and my mom and dad walked into the appointment.

After this everything was a blur, but one thing I do remember was asking my 2nd grade teacher if I could go to the bathroom so I could go outside and pray for my dad to get better. During any ray of free time I had, this was my priority. Everybody around me seemed to be in distress. My teacher was worried about me and my dad’s doctors were worried about how young my sister and I were. 8 and 6 years old. I thought I was big enough to understand and get through this rough time in our lives. Looking back now I realize how little I actually was. My dad began losing his hair. His think black eyelashes were gone. The one’s you couldn’t help but look at when glancing into his eyes. All you saw was emptiness and despair. He was sensitive and weak. My mom was depressed and couldn’t live with the thought of being a single mother with all the expenses she had to pay off.

From one day to another my mom began thanking god for curing my dad, even though the doctors said he was getting worse. It was really hard to recover from this stage of his illness. His big surgery was coming up. His last checkup before a procedure that could end his life was coming up. My mom believed he would be healed. The day of the checkup came and I went off to school. I was greeted by my mom and dad when I was picked up that day. I will forever remember that moment when my dad said. “I’m clean.” He had no more cancer. It was gone. It had spread to different areas of his body and from one day to another it was gone.

We were relieved that there was no longer a giant burden on our backs everywhere we went. We had a less stressful life after that my sister and I. But my parents didn’t. One thing that we were too young to understand was the mountain of debt this entire story had left behind. We tried to keep paying our house. But soon, the inevitable happened. We lost the house, and filed for bankruptcy.

The debt we had could have all been avoided if we had kept one thing in mind. Insurance. This saves millions of people across the country everyday from getting into debt and not being able to afford their belongings or healthcare. If my dad had had health insurance, the blow to the bank account wouldn’t have been so hard. This happens to a lot of different people, every single day. Whether it be with their cars, life, or homes. Having something to protect your loved ones will always pay off while still protecting your wallet.

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