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So many things can happen unexpectedly in life. These life events can be life changing for not only emotional, physical, or mental reasons, but also for financial reasons. Sometimes, the resources we already have are not enough, so we have to ask for help from others. In many cases, people will take advantage of insurances to get financial help after a life changing event such as healthcare costs, natural disasters, or the death of a loved one. Personally, insurance is important to me. I will, through this essay, share three personal experiences I have had that focus on why insurance is important to me.

Coming from Tahiti, I didn’t really have any financial problems when it came to getting healthcare services. Tahiti, being under the French system, offers many social and financial help to their citizens. A company named “Caisse de prévoyance sociale” which is mostly like social services here in the United States, is the source of these social and financial benefits. It is an insurance offered to all citizens who work, and their family as well. Since my parents benefited from it, I had the chance to be part of it. This insurance was important to me because whenever I was sick and had to go see a doctor or go to the hospital, I not only didn’t have to pay that much, but I also got paid back more than 50% from what I spent for the services. Health is really important, and we need to take care ourselves. However, because of the high cost of the services provided, some people would rather not treat themselves well by partaking of these services. Instead, they will just pretend everything is alright because they don’t want to pay that much. Having this insurance has kept myself and my family healthy. It was definitely blessing, because it is so much different from the experience I have had here in the United States.

I’m currently a full time student at the Brigham Young University of Hawaii. Last summer, I was having some stomach pain. The nurse who checked up on me at work recommended me to go see a doctor. It was the week end, and the health center on campus was closed, so I was told to go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. It took me two days to finally decide to go there because I know it would be so expensive and that I won’t be able to pay for it. I asked a friend of mine how much she had to pay when she went to the emergency room. She got to pay more than $3000. Because I would not be able to afford that price, I had a strong hesitation to go to the emergency room. However, as a full time student, I heard that I have a student insurance, so I thought that the bill would be less. I then decided to go to the hospital anyway so it doesn’t get worse. I only spent 3 hours there, and got the bill 3 weeks later: $2678. I couldn’t believe it because in Tahiti you would never pay that much! Because of such a high cost, I decided to meet with the insurance office on campus. I got help from them, and they actually told me that I have a student insurance. I received probably three other bills, and each of them was decreasing until the final bill was only $45. At that time, I realized how important it is to have an insurance. I believe that a lot of people get a health insurance, but there are other insurances such as home insurance, or car insurance.

Whenever we travel as a family, we always rent a car. The renting company offered us three different insurance plans, and the prices differed depending on the type of insurance we would get. Of course, the insurance that covers the most would be more expensive. Because of not knowing what could happen with the car, my parents decided to get the most expensive one just in case something would happen. That was definitely a wise choice! We actually got into a car accident that damaged the car we were renting, and the car that was in front of us. Because we have got the most covering insurance, we didn’t have to pay anything to fix the damages. It came up so much cheaper than if we have chosen another plan. From that experience, I got to understand how important getting an insurance is essential, and in most cases is beneficial.

Insurances have helped my family and myself a lot. It has mostly  helped us to not spend too much money on healthcare costs, and on cars and homes as well. I believe that we just could not afford anything if we didn’t have insurance. For these reasons, insurance is important to me, so I will still get insurance throughout my life.

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