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Health insurance, home insurance, car insurance.  The bills seem to add up every month stealing your hard earned money, and for what. . .insurance that you may never see the benefits of? While many people try to avoid paying for insurance, insurance is one of the most vital things that one’s ‘hard earned money’ should be going toward. In my life health insurance and car insurance have played huge roles in making sure my family does not go bankrupt. Although we watch the money vanish from my mom and dad’s paychecks, we see the personal benefits of paying insurance premiums.

My brother, who is now fourteen years old, was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when he was ten years old. Since then we have seen a humongous increase in our medical bills. Every month my brother has to go to Riley Children’s Hospital, a well-renowned hospital, for check-ups to make sure that everything in his body is working correctly. These visits could cost hundreds of dollars, but thanks to our health insurance company, my parents only have to pay a small payment for his visits while health insurance pays the rest. My brother needs insulin to live. One vial of insulin can cost about seven hundred dollars, but because of health insurance, it only costs three hundred. As of right now, a vial costs us one hundred twenty dollars since we met our deductible. If my parents did not pay for health insurance every month, our family would be out thousands of dollars every year to keep my brother alive; however, my parents do pay health insurance, and my family does not struggle to keep my brother healthy.

Recently my mom was in a car crash with two other cars that were trying to run a yellow light. She was sitting at the stoplight waiting for her light to turn green when two cars plowed into the front of her car. Luckily, my mom was untouched, but sadly our 2008 Honda Odyssey was not. The insurance company took in our car to evaluate and fix it. We received a rental car to drive until our car could be fixed; the car was paid for by the insurance company. About three days later my mom received a call from our insurance company that they were going to total our car. My family was worried because we did not know how much money we would get for our eight-year-old car. The insurance company came through, and about a week later, we had a new car that was three-fourths paid for by our insurance company. Though my mom was not at fault for the three-way crash, without paying for car insurance my family would either not have had a car or been out $11,000. Without car insurance we would have no car and we would not have been provided with a nice rental car to get by until we had our own car.

The woman who was at fault in the accident did not have car insurance, and her license is now suspended. Since she did not have good insurance, more like no insurance, she is now paying out-of-pocket for two damaged cars. On top of that loss in money, her license is now suspended, and she could face the two victims suing her.

This summer my neighbor’s had a house fire caused by a lightning strike.  Thankfully they were out of town, and no one was hurt. However, the entire interior of their house was destroyed and is currently being redone. Their roof has been redone, the exterior bricks have been taken off, and the entire house is currently just framed. Without home insurance my neighbors could be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, but thankfully that is not the case. Their insurance company is paying for an apartment for them to live in while their house is redone, so they are not completely homeless. Since they do have home insurance they can have their house rebuilt and live in an apartment that is paid for by the insurance company for the time being.

In the lives around me insurance has played a vital role in making sure lives are not burdened by money an individual does not have. In my own life I can say that insurance is very important to me even though I do not pay for all of it myself right now. I have seen the importance of health insurance in my brother’s life, the importance of car insurance in my mom’s life, and the importance of home insurance in my neighbor’s life. Witnessing all of these events reminds me how important it is to pay for insurance, because there is no telling when something we do not want to happen will happen. With insurance I can sleep at night knowing that even though circumstances may not be ideal, I can rest knowing that because of paying for my insurance I will not feel the burden of tragedies in my life.

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