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There are so many unique ways to plan for the future and purchasing insurance is one of the best ways to do it. No one can truly predict what is up ahead, but everyone can protect themselves for what is to come. Insurance provides the beneficiaries with safety and security for themselves, their families, and their property. That means one less thing to get your heart rate up about. I have personally benefited greatly from health, home, and auto insurance and now encourage everyone to think of the benefits to having insurance.

No one could have predicted that by the age of twelve, I would begin showing signs of two chronic diseases on top of every basic medical expense there is for a child. This led to an extreme amount of stress for my whole family. Without insurance, my family would not have been able to get me the treatments and medications that I needed. There were hospital visits. There were doctors appointments. There were even expensive IV medications to buy. My family was so busy taking care of me and they did not also need the pressure of bankruptcy on their backs. I would also feel even worse knowing that my family was being fully charged for something I have no control over. Luckily when times were rough, my family had health insurance that helped subsidize my high medical costs and allow us to just focus on living life.

Additionally, health insurance has made sure that my family remains in good physical condition. My parents and siblings are able to go to their regular check-ups without insane charges that would deter them otherwise. This keeps my family healthy, which keeps me happy. I know that if my younger sister ever has a sore throat, she can get treatment quickly and cost-effectively. Without insurance, my family would likely put off doctor visits which makes us all more prone to illnesses. Health insurance makes it easy to stay healthy.

Another reason why insurance is so important to me is that it allows me to protect my property. I clearly have no control over the weather, so what can I do to protect my belongings and my home in the event of a natural disaster? Even just a small flood could leave my home covered in mold and my electronics waterlogged. Nature is unpredictable. It is much smarter to be ready for anything than to simply expect nature to cooperate with me. Insurance on my home could guarantee that everything would get back to the way it should be.

Insurance can also protect what I own from anyone who tries to take it from me. When several of the people in my neighborhood were robbed, I was glad to know that anything valuable that was taken from me could be replaced. Many of the families did not have good homeowner’s insurance. This meant that they were responsible for replacing all of their valuables out of pocket. I cannot imagine the stress that an incident like that would inflict. I am calm knowing that if someone robs my house while I am away, I will get back all of my precious belongings. I know that I cannot always defend against burglars, but I can always have insurance that will support me if it does happen. Property and homeowner’s insurance are the best ways to protect what belongs to me.

I also have a deep appreciation for auto insurance. As a young adult female, I recognize that there is a high chance I will get in a car accident at some point in my life. Whether it is my fault or not, I am aware that I must be prepared.When that day comes, I want to be assured that I will be able to have my car repaired and ensure that anyone involved is taken care of as well. I do not want to be left high and dry with a wrecked car. Also, I do not want to be the person that causes damage and has no way to fix it.  I have seen what happens when someone without insurance causes an accident. Both parties involved end up in trouble. It is better to pay for car insurance and be ready for when life happens.

There is another reason auto insurance is important to me, it is the law. I know that if I ever get pulled over, I will need to show proof of insurance. I do not want to get my driver’s license suspended for something so foolish. It would be unwise to just go around thinking that no one will know if I just break that law. At any time, I could be pulled over or involved in an accident and then I caught in my own, easily-avoidable mess. It would be so much easier to have car insurance on hand than to have to explain why I can’t drive my car to work any more.

Insurance is a vital part of today’s hectic world. Without it, people would be left without options in the darkest of times. Insurance is a simple way to prepare for the unexpected. People need to be able to live freely without worrying about an unexpected health problem. We need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our property is protected. It is also important to be ready for anything on the wild roads ahead of us. Insurance helps my family to live more freely, have no worries about the place we call home, and keeps us prepared for any unplanned detours along the way.

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