Katlyn S

At the beginning of 5th grade, my eyesight started to become blurry. It was hard reading the board from far away, so i would have to sit in front of it to copy notes down. During this time, my dad was laid off. He was only getting unemployment, and it was hard to pay any bills, and we were hoping a miracle would happen to us. At first I didn’t say anything about my eyesight being blurry. I didn’t think it was a big deal, I thought maybe it was normal. Then it got worse over the next couple of weeks, so I finally told my parents. They called and made an appointment for me to get my eyes checked out. At this time, I wasn’t really sure of what was going on with the financial aspects. So, when I found out I needed glasses, I was able to pick out a pair I liked, had them adjusted to my face, and the order was sent out. After a couple of weeks, my glasses came in, and it made it easier for me to see the board. Now, seven years down the road, I realized that insurance is important. If it wasn’t for insurance I wouldn’t have gotten glasses to help me see better. If we didn’t have the insurance for me to get glasses, I wouldn’t have gotten glasses. I would have had to keep moving to the front of the classroom to copy notes, and ask to be moved to the front of the room. My eyesight would have gotten worse.  Insurance plays a big role in my life now. Many accidents have happened. I also recently experienced a car accident during the winter. I hit a snow patch, and slammed into a brick embankment. Although I was not hurt, if it was a more serious accident, and had to be taken to the hospital, the insurance I have would cover it. Earlier in the year, I was horrible chest pains, and I was taken to the emergency room to see if anything was seriously wrong. The tests came back saying I was okay, and just needed to take some advil. The bill came back, although it wasn’t cheap, it was cheaper than what it would have been if I didn’t have medical insurance. Also, I needed a shot required to attend school at the beginning of my Junior year. Without the insurance, my parents would have had to pay hundreds of dollars just for one shot. But, with the insurance, the shot was about twenty percent of what it would have cost without the insurance. As I begin my life as an adult, I keep learning about the types of insurances out there. Without having as many incidents that require insurance, I would think it’s pointless. Without insurance, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go see a doctor to see if my eyesight has gotten worse, or be able to cover the damages to a car if I get into an accident. Insurance helps out when we least expect it. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. It’s scary to think that some people out in the world don’t have a certain type of insurance, and risk their life everyday. Without insurance, your life is at risk. I hear everyday with the people around me that they don’t have insurance, but need to go get a surgery done, or need a certain type of medicine, and its expensive for one pill. With the insurance I have, I am able to get my medicine cheap, and not dread having to spend one-hundred dollars for each pill.  Insurance is a necessity in life. Once I start getting my own insurance as I move on with life, I will begin to learn more about it, and realize there might be a lot more benefits to it than I already know. I will look closely at the options of insurance I have down the road, and pick the insurance policies that will benefit me, and whomever will be in my future family the best. I do not want to go without insurance, and the benefits that will affect me the most. Everyone needs some type of insurance in their life. Without insurance, people will be spending thousands of dollars they dont need to for necessities. They will be able to live life without risking death or going into debt over damages. Without insurance, it could be life or death.

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