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In this day and age, car insurance is very expensive, especially for new drivers and yes I am a new driver who is a poor college music student and economical car insurance is very important to me. Without a car, it’s impossible to do everyday tasks such as get to school or work. And now, gas is so expensive that we go to work just to pay for the gas to get there. Insurance cost is just another factor that gets in the way. But not having insurance and having to pay if you are in an accident is far worse.  So what are young drivers to do? They don’t have a history of safe driving, since they haven’t been driving very long, and most haven’t established a credit record yet. Well if you’re in this position, there are a few options that can help lower your auto insurance rates legally.

Before explaining the ways to decrease insurance, you must know why young drivers insurance is automatically more costly. For starters, studies have showed that younger drivers are more likely to get in an accident than experienced drivers, but that’s an obvious one. Also, most young drivers are not married so they don’t get the discounts that come with marital status. Lastly, teens tend to pick the flashy cars that will make everyone at school think you are “cool”. So teens have a lot against them, but there are ways to lower your insurance, even with these flaws.

As a young driver, the options for the cars that you are able to purchase may be limited, but when deciding, consider a mid-grade car with lots of safety features. Sports cars jack up the price of insurance, along with flashy trucks or other large vehicles that can easily damage little cars. The more safety features, the more the price of insurance will go down, along with the risk of driving. Going along with this, make sure your car has some type a security system. Not only will it save you from a break in, but some insurance companies will lower their rates. If at all possible, a good solution is to park your car in a garage if possible. Keeping it in a garage will save it from damage, and in the long term, will make the car run longer. The type of car you own and the security on it can really make a difference in the price of insurance.

The next step really is to pick an insurance company that has the best program to suit your needs. Lots of insurance companies will give a free quote to anyone who takes the time to call. Another option is to consider the insurance company that your parents are on, and see if you can be included on their plan. Lots give discounts to loyal customers. In the long run, it will also be beneficial to you if you continue with this company, so take time to do your research to find the best one for you. Once signed with a company, compare the prices of the policy’s and see which one is best suited for you. Most people don’t need a full coverage policy and can settle for just the basics.

A big secret that many drivers don’t know about is you can decrease your monthly payments by increasing your deductible, or the money that you will pay in the event of an accident. If you are a safe driver, this can save a lot of money in the long run. And really, new drivers need to be safe drivers anyway because any points on your driving record can jack up rates. Sometimes it may be cost efficient to go to court and work out any tickets that seem unfair. Maybe even look into taking another drivers education class. These classes show insurance companies that you are serious about safety, which can lower rates.  Not only should you be a good driver though, but as a student there are discounts by some companies for getting good grades. This is usually a B average, but may be different depending on the company.

For each insurance company there’re many different tips and tricks to lower rate, but the biggest thing is to just be a safe driver. In the end this will save you money, and possibly your life. Driving can be very dangerous, and the insurance companies are here to help in times of need. That is why you need to be familiar with your company, and make sure that it is the best company and policy for you. However, even with the best insurance company, young drivers insurance can be costly, so implicating some of these tricks can be very important in insuring a lower auto insurance premium.


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