Kara L

When I hear “insurance,” I think of car insurance or health insurance. I think to when I have to go to the doctors and I pull out my little card and flash it and I get my services for free. I think of when someone gets in a fender bender and has to exchange insurance information. I take it all for granted. As a student, I don’t pay for my own insurance; I’m still under my dads. I don’t have to worry about getting strep throat and having no way to cover a doctor’s visit. I don’t have to worry about those little things. And that’s what is the most bothersome to me about insurance.

Insurance is such an extraordinary resource. If you don’t have insurance, it’s always in the back of your mind that something terrible could happen, but you have no way of mediating the costs. What a terrifying thought to have to live with at all times.

I have been in a few car accidents, not by fault of the driver I was with, and the insurance companies always settled it. It was not the responsibility of my friend or family member to hash out the costs of damage with the perpetrator. It was always the insurance company.

Most of the time, having insurance is just having the security of having insurance. I rarely ever go to the doctors and I never get into car accidents. However, I would never want to take the risk of not having insurance. Having the security is having a peace of mind and having a peace of mind is the most ideal way to live. I like knowing that my family is covered. My dad does a lot of dangerous work, and if he were to ever get hurt, I like knowing that we could focus our worries on him recovering and not only how we’re going to afford medical bills.

And as morbid as it is to think about, I am glad my parents have life insurance. I’m glad that if anything awful were to happen to them, I would not have to suffer more consequences than losing a parent. I would not have to worry about finances or how I’m going to survive without their financial support.

I also want everyone else to have insurance, especially health insurance. I am an advocate for universal health insurance, because it truly is something that those who have it take for granted. There are so many times where I am in the hospital, as a nursing student, and I see families very stressed out about how they will afford their hospital bills. Seeing a parent worry about medical bills on top of worrying about their sick child should not ever be something you witness. It is not only disheartening, but also very humbling. For those of us who have insurance, of any kind, I think we take it for granted sometimes. It’s important to remember what life would be like without insurance and put ourselves in the shoes of those who live that life. Being ill or having a totaled car is stressful enough; to have the extra worry about the financial responsibility that comes with it should not be something that occurs.

Insurance is so important in a world that has made having insurance so important. Medical bills are outrageously high; it almost makes absolutely no sense. When we live in such a capitalist, money hungry society, it is impossible to function properly without having an insurance card in your wallet. The risk of not having insurance isn’t worth the reward of not paying for insurance. All it takes is one mishap, and your life and credit are spiraling out of control. I’ve seen it first hand, and I hope to never see it again.

One must take into consideration the price of insurance, though, too. Insurance isn’t cheap. The reason ObamaCare exists is because of the high, unaffordable prices of insurance for underprivileged families. ObamaCare, as much as many people hate it, is a stepping-stone for a better solution to get everyone insurance. It costs us more, as taxpayers, to pay the unpaid hospital bills of those without insurance, than it would to help give these people affordable insurance! Because the bottom line is everyone should have insurance.

We all take it for granted, but if anything were to happen in our lives that took it away, whether it be losing a job, or attaining a chronic disease, our lives would be in shambles. Insurance is having something to lean on when everything you do isn’t enough support. The better the insurance someone has, usually the better off the person. I would not want to be a person without insurance, and that’s the bottom line.

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