Kaitlyn S

2008 was the worst year of my life. My brother, whom was only 19 years old was killed. My brother was a great Christian person, loving, warm, sweet and always there for me and my younger sister. In my eyes the sun rose and set in him. We still as of today have so many unanswered questions. We still don’t know who killed him, why they shot him or anything. We continue to stand on our faith as a family and ask God to take care of making sure he one day will get justice.

My brother was a father of two young girls. He lived in his own apartment, had his own car, family, job and etc…Being 19 you don’t really think about having life insurance. You are planning a long beautiful life with your significant other and your children. They say after all, children are supposed to bury their parents not the other way around. My parents did not have life insurance on him either, but then again he was 19 and had a family of his own. I think parents really don’t think or fathom the thought that they need life insurance on their grown children.

Hard lessons are learned every day. In today’s world you just don’t know what is going to happen to you are a family member at any given time. We all think it’s safe to go to school to learn until you hear of a shooting at a school. We think it’s safe, with good driving skills to go down the road until you see on TV about someone being killed in road rage. We think it’s safe to go to the mall, a movie or even to church until we hear about a gunman shooting up the place and people dying for no reason.

The devastation of my brother’s death hit not only by losing him.  Finically it crippled my parents. They had to come up with a lot of money for his funeral and burial. We also still had to take care of his financial responsibilities and most important his two daughters. Life still has to go on for them. They still need a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear. No insurance money to help take care of any of that .It was a very hard time ,but made my parents think about life insurance for not only themselves but for me and my sister as well as my nieces.

Insurance for me has become a necessity. Now as I turn 19 and in college, I’m currently covered under my parents as long as I’m in school. I am working on getting a great education that I am able to take care of myself and my future family in every financial way. I will make sure I keep life insurance on myself and my future spouse .If and when we are blessed with children, I will also place life insurance on them as well. Going thru what our family had to endure when my brother died and the financial woes it cost my parents, set them back years. I’m very confident if my brother would have had life insurance things would have been easier on everyone at least financially. Leaving money for final expenses, having money set aside to help take care of your spouse and children could mean the difference in being able to continue in a matter you are use to are bankruptcy.

Everyone has their own stories and reasons of why those stories have affected a life so greatly. Everyone has ups and downs in life that either make or break us. Looking back, it all started with my brother. A high school drop out with two children who could barely support himself. He pushed me to believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to; that I can achieve the impossible. Growing up, spiritually I kept this on my mind. I strived to do my best in whatever I was involved in to not only make a name for myself but for my brother and make him and my parents proud.

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