Kaitlyn B

Many times in my life I have seen car accidents, whether it be happening on TV, right in front of me, or even being in one. Never did I think that I would be the one driving when an accident happened to me. At only seventeen I was so excited to be getting my license and being able to drive to school and work and many other places. It felt like freedom which was new to me because my parents were so strict. I had also just gotten my mom’s old car and although it wasn’t new I was appreciative that I had a car with no bills to pay. My parents made me pay for my insurance and I never thought twice about it. I never researched what type of insurance I had or what it covered. All that mattered I thought was that I pay for it and I have it. The last day of my junior year was a rude awakening from that belief.

It was the last day of school before everything changed and we became seniors. I was in the car with my boyfriend and two of his friends. Since it was the last day they had asked for a ride home and I said why not because I had been driving for awhile now and was comfortable. As I was driving them home a car suddenly pulled out in front of me and being so close already I slowed yet there was not enough time to stop before my headlight came into contact with the truck’s bumper. We both pulled off to the side and he yelled at me and then got into his car and left the scene. I was traumatized because everything I had ever been taught about what you do when you get into an accident was thrown out the window. I had pulled out my registration and insurance but he didn’t even bother. I don’t think he had insurance and while his car was barely scratched and my front was totaled he figured he should just leave. If he had insurance he would’ve had no reason to leave before the police had arrived. It also would have made my life and his a lot easier and simpler. Instead, I am still paying for that day. Since I had not taken the time to analyze my insurance and see what I was and wasn’t covered for I didn’t know that I wasn’t covered for collision. After almost a month of struggling we found out who he was and the person driving the car that day wasn’t insured but the vehicle was. When I finally spoke to his insurance they denied me help and I was left to fix this car all on my own with a minimum wage job and only my college savings. Having the right kind of insurance and having good insurance is important because it can literally save you from so much hardship. You may think it isn’t a big deal until you have to pay hundreds for parts when that money was supposed to be for college. Yet, having a car was essential because before university I had already been accepted into a special EMT program at a community college. The only way I would be able to make it to that class everyday after high school is to drive, so it was important I fix my car quickly. I worked long hours after school and volleyball practice, during weekends, and breaks to make the money for the car to be repaired.

Even though my car is repaired now I have still encountered another problem. All the money that I had been saving up for my university college is now gone. An accident that was not even a major crash and nobody was injured is affecting my future that severely. If I had looked through my insurance and gotten full coverage all my issues would have been solved in a snap with no detrimental cost to my future. This goes to show that insurance is very important and most of the time it can determine the course of your future and whether that future is protected or at risk. Even if you are the safest driver out there remember one thing, not all people are the safest, and no human is perfect. Accidents happen and when they do it is essential your life, and future are protected.

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