Kaela H

I could never discount the importance of life insurance, health insurance, or home insurance, however, being at the mere age of 17, the only insurance I’ve had a personal relationship to is car insurance. I remember when I first recieved my car. It was old and used-very used, however, I absolutely loved it . When I think of my car insurance I think of it as a cradle for my sweet little blue Honda, Bubbles- as I like to call it. Car insurance has protected him from my reckless mistakes that I frequently make seeming I’m a new driver. One in particular, occurred just two days after I received my licence.

I was driving down the main road eager to hang out with friends and test out my newly earned license. I had been successful in driving down the rambunctious highway, boisterous intersections, and through  turbulent roads and all  that was left to do was park. The easiest and most basic task one could do. As I pulled into the spot my foot slid onto the gas rather than the break and suddenly a loud crash noise could be heard for miles. All I could do was step out my car to see what I hit. Of course, with my luck, my car had hit a bright yellow fire hydrant. Bubbles had a huge dent in the front of him and was completely pressed against the hydrant. All I could do was cry and cry. I knew my parents would be upset, because there was no way they could pay to fix the damage that I had just caused. Finally I built up the courage to call my parents and they rushed to the scene. I was so worried both for my cars well being and my parents pockets that would be deprived of all of its’ equity after paying for this damage. After the police came and my car was towed away, my parents took me home. Before I could even speak my family assured me that I needed to be more careful when driving, however because I’m a young driver they expected this would occur. They explained that my accident is the sole reason why they have insurance for both myself and my car. And because of the insurance, my car will be completely taken care of- even though the accident was solely my fault. I felt so much relief at that moment and I was so thankful to both my parents and the car insurance.

It’s a common belief that young individuals are ignorant towards the importance of insurance, in this case car insurance. Insurance is never seemed to affect the lives of young individuals but it truly does. I was completely unaware of how insurance worked and what other ways it could help individuals when they get into accidents. I did some basic research and I learned that car insurance is different based on the provider and amount of coverage, however, most of them tend to cover at least 50 percent. I also learned that car insurance for individuals ages 16-22 is very high because they are new drivers which means that have limited experience on the road which makes applicable to get into more accidents. Just by doing basic research I was able to get a small glimpse of just how important insurance is in general. Insurance is sort of like an investment. You may need to use it in the future or you may not. However, it’s comforting knowing that if something were to happen such as a car accident or even worse a death of a loved one or a hurricane destroying a home, you are taken care of. Insurance allows people to sleep at night knowing that if a misfortune or tragedy were to occur the financial aspects are covered. If your Grandfather were to pass away suddenly, you shouldn’t be worrying about how you will afford to pay the funeral costs, instead you should be grieving with loved ones. Insurance takes care of the financial hardships and instead allows individuals to focus on the personal issues they are going through. People often complain that they are paying for the “what if’s” but if you really think about it, how many times in life do things go exactly how one planned? The answer is never. Life is unpredictable and often has many road bumps and turns. So preparing for the “what if’s” in life seems much more intelligent than not being prepared at all. I got a small view on how important insurance is even for individuals at a young age. Insurance is something that I will definitely have when I become an adult, at the young age of 17 I’ve been taught how crucial it is to  everyone’s lives.

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