Joy B

Insurance is important to me because it covers all those unexpected things in life. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia during my pregnancy. I had non-stress tests every other week, ultrasounds almost every month, and constant monitoring from my specialist. I was admitted for an induced pregnancy at 37weeks and my daughter and I was put on high risk for the pregnancy room. When I start to get the bills my insurance company had a statement that before insurance my cost was just over $30,000.00. With insurance my cost was about $4000 for everything: physician, specialists, anesthesiologist, hisk risk birthing room and care unit, tests, ultrasounds. If I didn’t have insurance I would have lost everything. Most hospitals, from my experience, want their payments in full within 18 months. That is with a payment plan and if not satisfied in a certain amount of time they will send over to collections.

My grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer and if he didn’t have insurance he would have not been able to do chemo or radiation in order to extend his life four several years. He was able to focus on the chemo and radiation and not worry about how he was going to pay for this all. He was able to focus on getting better. Having extra money to experience life and work on his bucket list. He was able to an Iowa Cubs baseball game in style. He was able to watch a game from the skybox seats where there was a balcony and air conditioning, wait staff, and celebrate his birthday with Iowa Cubs. Cubs was his favorite team. He was able to take his wife to Florida and live it up like a snow bird for the winter. He rented a condo by the beach and spent 3 months away from the Iowa winters.

My grandfather had passed, some years later. He luckily had a life insurance policy and funeral coverage. My grandmother was able to focus on planning the funeral and be able to grieve and adjust to him being gone. Not worry about how to pay for the funeral or how to pay for the medical costs after his passing. Was able to downsize to a smaller house that was more comfortable for her and pay off her vehicle as her only income now was going to be his pension and her social security income.

I have a medication that I take as a preventative and without insurance; it would cost me $800-900 for a 90 day supply. After the insurance my co-pay is only $30.00 for 90 days. I would not have been able to pay for my medication if I didn’t have insurance. That’s a house payment or a car payment and groceries. I would have to go without something in order to be able to take my medication.

My daughter had an accident and we thought she broke her nose from falling on the ground. We were able to take her to the emergency room and not worry about expensive the emergency room was going to cost and we only had to pay a copay for the room.

I was able to go to a specialist to make sure that I didn’t have cancer but all I had was an ovarian cyst that ruptured. They performed an ultrasound done twice, blood test and urine tests.

There are seniors out there on social security income and they have options for low income insurance so they are able to pay for their medications and not worry about if they should buy groceries so they can eat or if they should buy their medication so they can stay alive.

Insurance important to me because, I was able to focus on my pregnancy and doing what the doctor told me to do during my bed rest. My grandfather was able to be with his family a little bit longer to see his great granddaughter in a 3D ultrasound and take his wife to Florida like had always promise to do. My grandmother was able to grieve for the loss of her husband and not worry about how she was going to pay for the funeral or medical expenses.

Life changes and unexpected things come up. You may always say “that will never happen to me,” or “that doesn’t run in my family.” Life happens and insurance is there to covers the things in life that are unexpected and so you can focus on the more important things in life.

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