Josiah B

Imagine a world in which a car crash automatically means that

both parties must cover the cost of damages by themselves. A world in

which a successful wife or husband dies, leaving their partner to pick

up the pieces by themselves and change their lifestyle instantly in

order to pay the bills. A world in which a record-breaking snowstorm

causes a roof to cave in and the family has no other option but to pay

for a new roof out of pocket. A burglar steals valuables from a home,

and those living there just have to go on with life with no hope of

repayment. The fact that a world like this is not one that exists

today in the USA is why insurance is important to me.

Insurance is important to me because it makes me feel safe. I can

live my life knowing that if I find myself in a traffic collision, no

matter whose fault it is, I will not have to pay for all the damages

myself. Auto insurance isn’t the only example of insurance that that

makes me feel safer, but it is certainly the most obvious and

immediate form of insurance in my life. I can also sleep safely

knowing that if my house catches on fire and my belongings are caught

in the flames, I can have some of them replaced. Insurance is a

defensive wall between myself and massive debt. Every month, a

maintenance fee is paid to the company that built and maintains the

wall in order to be sure that the wall will remain standing for

longer. Insurance is a wall that one hopes to never have to use (or

sacrifice), but when it does become necessary, it is nice to have it

after all, since taking the hits oneself can be devastating.

Insurance takes away the sense of vulnerability one feels when

their belongings or assets are on the line and they know they don’t

have any backup. It allows people to live more profitably and with

less stress and worry that some sort of freak accident will happen and

they will lose everything. It provides a support system for all kinds

of disasters and problems. If I die unexpectedly, I don’t want my

future wife to be without the financial support that I’ve been

providing to her, especially if she doesn’t have a job of her own.

Getting a chunk of money from an insurance company will give her the

proper time to grieve, put her life back in order, and figure out how

to move on. Insurance is important because in a small way it can help

someone protect their loved ones from beyond the grave.

A fairly recent example of the importance of insurance came about

when a friend of my family was bitten by a copperhead snake. The

hospital bill for several shots of anti-venom amounted to over fifty

thousand dollars. This bill would have crippled our family friend and

thrown him into debt for a long, long time had he not had medical

insurance. With the help of the medical insurance, my friend ended up

only having to pay his deductible, which was $1000 dollars; still an

amount anyone would rather not have to pay, but certainly a whole lot

better than fifty thousand. Until this happened, I hadn’t truly

realized just how important medical insurance and all other kinds of

insurance were.

Insurance is also important to me because it allows people to

take risks. A life without risk would be boring and flat, and knowing

that someone has your back when you are about to take a chance on

something that could be a valuable experience or change your life

forever is a good feeling. For example, if someone is playing sports

(especially contact sports) and is learning valuable life lessons

about teamwork, dedication, physical health, and even who they are,

they don’t want to constantly be worrying in the back of their mind

that if they get hurt, the hospital bill will cripple them. With

health insurance, one is free to play and learn without fear of

financial issues arising. Of course, if the insurance needs to be

used, then they have been injured, but at least they won’t have to

worry about the financial side of things as well as the injury itself.

I know that this was the case when I played rugby.

Insurance is useful in many, many situations and it is a

necessary part of living a life in the USA, not only because life

itself is unpredictable, but also because many of the things that

people depend on and use every day are very expensive. Insurance is

important to help people live productive lives, take risks, grow as

people, and keep their belongings and wellbeing safe.

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