Jordan W

Insurance is like the sun. It is always present yet it is not always acknowledged, appreciated, nor considered, especially around teenagers. As a seventeen year old, insurance is not something I had thought about very much or even at all,  yet I knew my family had it.  However, in 2016 , two significant events occurred to me that made me extremely thankful for insurance coverage that we had, and I realized how beneficial it is to have.

The spring is my favorite time of the year.  I love the blossoming of flowers and the scent of freshly clipped grass. Spring nights fill my heart with so much joy,  and so I decided that one Sunday evening I would spend it eating a family dinner and going on a hike through the blooming woods in our chic town of Bentonville.  I went to sleep like normal but was awoken with such terror when I started getting violently ill.  I was so ill that  I stayed home from school the next day.  I  progressively started to feel better. I went to sleep with a happy heart knowing that I would be able to go to school in the dewy morning and see all my friends, but God had another plan for me.  My illness came back worse than before. I spent the next two days unable to walk and incredible miserable. My mom was starting to get very concerned with my worsening pain and rising fever.  She called our medical insurance help line and on their advice promptly took me to the Emergency Room.  The medical insurance advisers and the Emergency Room Doctor all feared my appendix had ruptured.  To much of our surprise, they rushed me back for several test including blood work, an MRI, and other tests.  They gave me an IV, intravenous drip, to help re-hydrate my body and reduce the pain that I was in.  Thankfully, my appendix had not ruptured and I was diagnose with an awful stomach bug and sent home with medicine.  The  next day I was able to walk and the pain was minimal. At that time I hadn’t thought anything of insurance helping with the medical bill but one night my parents called me into our cozy living room and showed me the bill. I couldn’t believe it. For that three hour trip to the hospital it had cost several thousands of dollars.  I immediately started to apologize to my parents when they told me that insurance had helped minimize the cost to us and that’s why we have medical insurance.  I had never used the Emergency Room in the past, but it was needed this time.  If it had been an issue with my appendix, I would have needed immediate medical care.

For four month after that, my life continued on without any serious illness, injury nor traumatic event.  That changed on  August 10th. I was going to pick up my schedule from school and was involved in a car accident. It all happened so suddenly and I didn’t know what to think or feel.  I was so shook up, I could not stop crying. When I walked around to the front of my car my heart stopped automatically, it was crushed completely. I was so distraught because I am a high school  student, who dances 5 nights a week with a company team, and I had only had a part time job for one summer.  I didn’t know how I was going to pay for all the damage. My parents informed me that insurance was there to help. Insurance is put in place specifically for this purpose that they realize things like this are going to happen. A sigh of relief fell over me and I was so grateful that I had this company helping me through the hard times. That day was one of the most stressful days of my life so far but knowing I had insurance there for me as a safe haven made it so much easier to move on from.

As you can see I am not a perfect person, but who is? Insurance is a very valuable program that helps during times when people feel there is no hope or the cost to repair or restore is far outside of one’s means.  I am so thankful that in both these crazy situations in 2016 that I was protected and had  insurance with me every step of the way. To me insurance is a breathe of fresh air in knowing that everything is going to be okay. Although I am only a teenager, I have realized through these situations that insurance is a practical and stable protection  to have in life. In the case of any natural disaster  or human caused accident, insurance is able to provide protection and a means to help get people back on their feet and back to a normal life.

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