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In today’s world insurance is more important than most people seem to believe. Without it so many people, families, or companies could face a variety of negative events without any way to go about it. Insurance is there to protect us, to act as a backup plan when an accident takes place. In the United States today the insurance that is getting the most attention is Health insurance. Everyone seems to have a wide range of opinions about the resent laws being passed about it being required for everyone.  Although Health insurance is very important I have personally experienced Auto insurance to have been the most useful with the resent event that occurred in my life. Without it I would be without the possibility of getting a new car due to an accident.

A little over a month ago my little car was rear-ended. At first we didn’t think that it was that bad the body shop even though that it would be fixed in about four days. So we waited about a month to take it in due to the body shop being busy. But shortly after taking my car in, we get a phone call informing us that my car had been totaled, this was devastating news. I was so worried because I am the driver in my family and that was the only car we had. After being given this news we then worried about what was going to happen next. My family worried we wouldn’t get a similar amount of money to what we paid for the car and that we would be spending months saving to even have close to the amount needed for a safe reliable car like I had.

Within a few days though the lady’s insurance company contacted us and sharing the amount that we would be getting, which ended up being close to the amount we paid for the car. This was amazing news this meant that my family could find a car sooner and we didn’t have to worry about saving a lot of money. This made me truly see the importance of insurance and helped me understand why everyone needs to have it.

Having Auto insurance maybe required in most states but some people like to believe that they don’t need it or that an accident won’t happen to them. But it can happen to anyone at any moment and we must be prepared in anyway possible. This means paying that monthly bill that you think is not useful or a waste of money. You just never know when it could be your turn to need money in the moments after an accident. I am very thankful that my dad had me put full coverage on my car and that the lady who hit me had insurance. Without these two insurances I don’t know what my family would have to be doing right now.

With this I just hope we can pass on the importance of insurance and help encourage others to pay that monthly bill. Which is one of the main reasons I support the new laws that require everyone to have Health insurance. No one knows what the future holds for us which means that we don’t know what will happen to us in the next week, year, or ten. By not knowing what could take place in the future what is the harm of having that back up plan for when you can’t pay your health expenses on your own.

Not everyone agrees to this law though which in a way is understandable. Why should you have to pay for something you believe that you will never need? But I find this similar to the car insurance, these people believe that they don’t need it but then don’t have the money later on to pay for the damages that they have done to someone else’s car. What if you weren’t required to pay that monthly payment for Health insurance and one day you got severely hurt or sick? What would you do then? Do you have money put away for that? If you think about it, someone who isn’t willing to put money into Health insurance they probably aren’t putting extra money aside each month, which could result in them having no money to help pay for their health to be kept well or improved.

Although I find not having Health insurance or any insurance to not be smart I can understand peoples thoughts about it being their right to not be told how to use their money. With this I believe if you do not want to have insurance you should have to prove that you have that money aside for if something was to happen to your health or car or someone else you would be able to pay the expenses.

In all honestly I believe that insurance is what helps people continue to live how we live today. With it we can take those risks knowing we have that help available when things go wrong. This could be driving that really nice car you just bought, or going on that rock climbing trip with your friends. Insurance is important to me because it was there to help me get through that though spot in life. Without it my family would definitely be struggling. Insurance could be so much more important to others too if they just took advantage of the resources they provide.

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