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We as a younger generation do not think about insurance much (even though we have it). We have many other stressors on our mind from daily life that we need to be more focused on, right? We don’t think about it, that is, until we absolutely need it. If one gets into a car crash, for example, he or she obviously will rely on their insurance to fix the damages. But up until that point, he or she was not concerned about the bill of insurance he or she pays each month. This is similar to how I lived my life, until someone I loved needed insurance in order to live.

Around a year ago, my mother was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome, a disorder in which it is very difficult for the body to create new blood cells. It was very sudden: one day she had odd, purple bruises on her body and the next day she was in the ICU getting tested for everything and anything that could’ve resulted in such a low blood count the hospital found out  she had. As her daughter, I was so shocked to find out that my before perfectly healthy mother was now spending days in a hospital with infinite wires hooked up to every part of her body. Being a frequent worrier, I panicked about everything concerning my mother. Will she get better? Will she have to stay in the hospital for months? What will my dad and I do back home without her? How much will all of this cost? These constant nagging thoughts were evading my mind which made me stress even more than usual. But my mind was specifically caught up on how my family will pay for the hospital stays, tests, observation services, and everything in between.

Clearly, at the time of my mom’s hospital stay, I wasn’t educated on the ins and outs of health insurance. This was the reason I was so worried what this debt would do for the well- being of our family. But I now know that the insurance we pay monthly helped my family in paying for all of the bills from my mother’s stay.

I stated previously that insurance saved my mom’s life. This is because she has to take a pill everyday to make sure that her blood cells recreate. This medication she takes is extremely costly ($15,000 a month), and without the insurance my family pays for, our family would suffer greatly from the accumulated debt from the cost of this pill. Additionally, my mother has to get blood work done every week to ensure she has a significant amount of blood cells in her body. She also needs blood transfusions every month. For such a rare condition my mother has, the costs sure do add up. But thanks to insurance my mother and family are protected and my mom’s life is saved.

A couple months after my mom was diagnosed with MDS, I myself came into a debacle in which insurance aided me. It was the first morning after my winter break, and I was driving to go pick up my friend for school. There was a light layer of snow dusting the streets; it was beautiful. But little did I know at the time that underneath this sparkling film of snow on the streets was solid, slippery, black ice. So that day, as I was cruising down the street my car suddenly started to slip and slide uncontrollably. My car swerved so much to the right that I was trailing off of the street when I slammed into a fire hydrant and knocked it over. All I could hear was the bang of my car hitting the hydrant, then the pop of my tire as it was slashed by an edge of the fire hydrant.

Luckily, I was not hurt by this little mishap, yet insurance assisted me in a couple of ways. First, there were costs from the city to pay for the reconstruction of the fire hydrant. Secondly, my car needed various reparations in order for it to run again. This is just another reason insurance is there for families like mine in order to relieve any costs or problems that one may have. And this time around, I knew the pieces and parts of insurance which had put me out of less worry from paying the costs of damage.

Overall, any kind of insurance that is paid monthly or yearly may not help one at the time he or she pays for it, but will when a time comes that he or she needs it the most.  Insurance is an investment that can save money, problems, and most importantly, lives.

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