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Everyone in this world has a place or person shaping them into the person they have become. For me, it was living in Corpus Christi and moving to a large metro city, Houston. The environment, people I spend my days with, and my everyday activities have been affected by the changes. I am now living in a diverse culture known as the melting pot of America, and in the last ten years, I have learned to adapt, adjust and thrive from this environment. I lived in Corpus Christi until I was seven.  My family roots are from a city full of culture and traditions. My first words, my first steps, my first day of preschool, playing on my first t-ball baseball team and making lifelong friends, occurred here.

Both my parent’s fathers lost their dads who would be my great-grandfather’s when my grandpas were young men. My mom’s dad had graduated from high school and was going to the Marines when his father died of a heart attack leaving my great-grandma and my grandfather alone with debt and financial obligations in their business that they had to learn fast how to handle on their own.  My dad’s dad was graduated from high school and in the Navy when his father died of a heart attack leaving my great-grandma and my grandfather with two siblings in their teens to figure out how they would make ends meet after calling him home early with honorable discharge so he could help with the finances. These are life events most of us do not think will happen to us in our teens.

I was the first born out of three boys and named after my father; my siblings are 14 and 6. We spend time in the backyard throwing the baseball with my dad.  To this day, I am lucky enough to have my dad with me to help me through my last year of high school giving me advice about college and the future. We have long talks, and I never take it for granted because I have two friends also graduating who unfortunately do not have their dads. One of my friends from baseball lost his dad four weeks ago after a long three year battle with cancer and another great friend of mine who I have known since 3rd grade lost his father a year ago from his battle with cancer.  Both their dads were the same age as my dad. I cannot even imagine what would happen if my dad was not here with me through these critical years of life. The one friend who plays baseball traveled with our family all summer as his parents could not afford to send him out to tournaments through Texas to be seen by colleges and he desperately wanted a college to pick him up to lessen the burden for his mom. My other friend did the same this summer but was wanted for his basketball skills from 22 well-known colleges. I am happy to say both my friends can play college sports and will sign this November. Both these young men, my dad has continued to be there for them. My dad text them often, calls them, and lets them know our family is there for moral support, but the one thing we as teens forget is the financial assistance someone needs when a working parent leaves us too soon.

All these examples in my life show the importance of one having LIFE INSURANCE.  You can see it is highly likely for families to lose a parent too early as it happened for both my grandpas and my two close friends. In all these situations, only one family had life insurance to cover burial cost but did not have money to cover any other financial obligations. I am fortunate enough to have two parents that work in the insurance industry who have had life insurance on themselves and each kid since we were born. If any one of us passed, there would be money to bury us, and for my parents. There is money to take care of paying off the house, the cars, and any financial loans and obligations the family may be burdened with if this unfortunate event were to happen. Along with helping with future cost for college and living expenses for the three boys in our family.

I am now going on my 13th year of baseball, and I have grown to love it as a pass time with my friends, brothers, and dad. I have the moral support from my parents and have grown to become a well-mannered young man. My parents are involved, and they instilled God, family, education, and sports in that order as a priority. Our family vacations always included a visit to a college, so I knew how important it was to get an education from a very young age. I am aiming for academic scholarships to help pay for my college education.

Since we moved here ten years ago, I was accepted into the gifted and talented program. In middle and high school, this included Pre-AP and AP courses. I was accepted into a college readiness high school called Wunsche Career Academy and have been studying engineering since my sophomore year now in my 3rd year. I also play Varsity baseball at my home school, Westfield High School (freshman to senior year).  During my first year at Wunsche, there were many times I had doubts and struggles with my time management because of the college like schedule, but it has prepared me.

I have taken full advantage of this opportunity and done the best I can, and it is leading me on a path to success.  I am proud to say I am currently ranked #10 in my class of approximately 650 students putting me in the top 1% of my class; I have been automatically accepted into four colleges and waiting to hear if accepted into the Engineering schools early 2017.  This is all due to my hard work, commitment, and dedication to being accountable for my success and taking full advantage of every opportunity and challenge put in my pathway.  I plan to study Mechanical Engineering in college.

If the unfortunate loss occurs in my family, I know my parents have a plan, and they have educated me and shared that plan with me. All they have ever asked of me is to do my best in school and never lose focus on my goals; they always said that school was “my job” and they would worry about the rest. I know if the unfortunate life event does happen and I lose a parent, they are well prepared for the unexpected. I have peace of mind I will not have to quit college to help raise my 14 and 6-year-old brothers because they have enough coverage to take care of the finances at home so life can continue for me and I can focus on my career goals.  I am blessed and glad my parents have educated me about the importance of life insurance so one day I can do the same for my future family.

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