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The future is completely unpredictable, and no one could ever know what is to happen, whether it be good or bad, in their lives. People go through each and every day, and hope that no catastrophe occurs that could drastically change their lives. However, there is always a lingering thought of what would one do if disaster were to hit? How would they deal with the situation? Those thoughts can cause someone to go crazy; the uncertainty of what is to happen and what impact it will have on everyday life. The only way to get rid of that fear and uncertainty, is through insurance. Insurance to me is peace of mind and an essential basic need of every individual.

A life driven by fear is not a good one. One can not be always be controlled by a fear of something horrible occurring. I can not live in the present with uncertainty of the future, therefore insurance is important to me. Insurance provides me with peace of mind. Insurance allows one to live their live to it’s full potential. Insurance ensures that no matter what happens, one can cope with the situation. It assures one that they aren’t alone in the world, that someone is by their side and is willing to help in the case of a sudden disaster. With insurance, the uncertainty of tomorrow is no longer scary; it is no longer a fear, it is nothing but a natural phenomenon that can be overlooked. A human being is surrounded by danger all around him at all times. There is an infinite number of things that can occur that  could hurt one either physically, or financially, or some other way, ranging from tripping on a wet surface and breaking a bone to a house getting burned down. Accidents happen all the time, and any one of them could cause a major problem. Insurance provides peace of mind and allows an individual to disregard all those different possible dangers and not stress about them. Knowing that no matter what happens, you do not need to take all the responsibility of fixing it on yourself, is reassuring, thus, allows one to engage in more activities.  It allows one to live their life with no unnecessary precautions.

Insurance is also important as it can save one from a financial crisis. Looking specifically at health care, it can be very expensive, making health insurance vital. Looking at my own experience, back when I was in middle school, I was playing a game of flag football with some of my friends in my physical education class. In the middle of the game, I dove jumped for the football landing on my shoulder when I hit the ground. I immediately felt a sharp pain, and was taken to the hospital. After a few X-rays, it was determined that I fractured my clavicle, and all I needed was a sling as the clavicle will heal itself with time. I only spent a couple of hours in the hospital, and nothing much was done to me other than an X-ray. However, when the bill came, it was an unexpectedly enormous number that my parents were not at all ready to see. Luckily, I had health insurance which covered the expenses of my visit to the hospital. The point is, a small medical procedure can cost lots of money, so I can only imagine the size of the bill for bigger and more major health problems. Many people would not be able to afford proper medical care in an emergency without putting themselves and their families in a financial crisis. The only way to avoid that, is by having insurance, which allows you to not worry about large bills and gives you the opportunity for good care.

Lastly, insurance can actually provide help in some catastrophic situations. Let’s say, one’s house burned down or was destroyed in a natural disaster. Where would that individual go? What would he do?  Home insurance can actually provide shelter while the damage to the house is being repaired. Imagine having nowhere to go and nowhere to stay, how horrible would that be? It is essential that one has insurance so that they can rely on help in the case of an emergency. Any kind of help is always appreciated in a time of need. Every individual must have the right to receive help, and insurance provides that.

Insurance provides peace of mind, protects from financial crisis, and provide help when disaster strikes. Insurance is an essential part of life, and a right of every person. Every individual must go out and get insurance to live a healthy comfortable life.

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