Jessica S

Having insurance has been a very significant part of life for me. I am the  only child at home and both of my parents work extremely hard to provide for me.   I  dread that if something happened to one or both of my parents I would be left in financial devastation.  Insurance is important because it would give us some protection if by chance there was an accident or extreme emergency.  My Mom has explained to me that there is insurance coverage provided for me in case something happens to my parents.  Unfortunately,  you never know when an unforeseen event will occur that changes your life forever.  One of my friends since childhood lost her father about three years ago due to a heart attack.  Everything was sad and dark during the time after his death.  Her mother worked from home and home schooled them.  Because her dad had insurance, the family was able to maintain their lifestyle and her Mom was able to continue to work at home.  I have another friend whose dad was in a car accident that injured one side of his face and he lost his eye.  It was uncomfortable to see him very  damaged with a patch over his eye.  My friend explained to me that he needed many surgeries and therapy to help him recover.  I am sure they have insurance, because without it the medical expenses would have been too costly for her Mom.  I also have another friend whose Dad does not work because he is disabled.  I am not sure if they have insurance coverage for his situation, but I hope that they do.

Insurance is not only important, it is vital in many cases. For the past few years my parents have worked hard to make sure we have health insurance.  This is very important because a visit to the doctor is extremely expensive.  If you have a severe medical condition it is necessary to have insurance to help cover the costs of care.  I have allergies and go the doctor for treatment.  I also go when I am sick.  Without insurance my parents would be forced to pay much more to get medical care.  My Mom travels 3 hours for treatment by the same doctor  that delivered me.  She always checks to make sure the insurance covers all of the procedures that she needs before we go.  I recently had lots of blood work done because I was sick and we did not know the cause.  I am sure that without health insurance, the cost would have been stressful to our household budget.

I have witnessed how important insurance is since I was a child.  When I was younger hurricane Dennis came through our area and damaged many homes.  It was a very scary time.  The rain and winds were horrible.  My Dad boarded the windows and we removed all items from our yard that could be damaged or blow away.  We lived without electricity for days.  We had to remove all of the food from the refrigerator and cooked it on the grill.  When we finally went around the neighborhood I could not believe my eyes.  Trees were down, debris was in the street, and houses were damaged .  Our home had minor damage, but many of our friends and neighbors had great damage.  They used  homeowner’s insurance for repairs.  There are still homes near me that were never re built – all that is standing is a concrete foundation.  Another example of how important insurance is for home owners is when my Dad  put a fence around our pool.  He explained to me that it was necessary for insurance coverage and also to reduce the chance of an accident.

Also, it is important to have insurance because it is the law in many cases.   My dad was involved in a car accident while I was in the car with him.  We were fortunate to not be hurt, but our car was totaled.  The other driver was at fault, but did not have insurance. He also did not have a driver’s license, so he was arrested.   I am glad that we had insurance because it allowed us to get another car.  If we are not able to get another car, it would be very difficult for my Dad to get to work and to take me to school.  We do not have public transportation in our city.  I currently received my learner’s permit to drive.  My parents have explained to me that when I get my permanent driver’s license, our insurance will change so that I cover’s me as a driver. Therefore having reliable insured transportation is a must.

Lastly, while thinking about the importance of insurance I discovered that there are some unusual items covered by insurance:  body parts, multiple birth, and even alien abduction!  All things being said, having insurance is an essential part of working and living.

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