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When I think of insurance I tend to think of the words lifesaver, protection, and security; all of which insurance provides to me and my family.  Insurance is a safety net, and provides us with help in case anything were to happen to any of us, our home, or one of our cars.  Insurance is like this invisible superhero that comes to the rescue in times of distress and need.  If you have insurance, you don’t always see it, but when you need it it’s there to protect you.

Personally, I have had one recent experience where I needed insurance, and they were there to help me.  In the beginning of 2016 I got in a small car accident; however, even though the front of my car hit another, most of it was not my fault.  The driver I hit was a 15 year old who was fresh out of driver’s training, and had trouble acting like a normal driver.  The other car and I were coming up to a green light and we were both turning right.  The kid entered the intersection and then the light flicked to yellow, but instead of completing his turn he slammed on his breaks and stopped in the intersection.  This caused me to slam on my brakes, but I didn’t have enough time to stop.  It was a small fender bender because luckily I wasn’t going that fast, but it was still an accident, and inside I felt like I was going to hyperventilate.  Luckily we got everything worked out, and it was all taken care of.  The friendliness of our insurance agent, and their willingness to help guide us through the steps of the repair process made the situation less scary and way more tolerable.

I also have a couple friends that have had horrible, and unimaginable things happen to them.  Without help from their insurance, everything would’ve been lost.  My first friend, Sophie, who was my teammate on the tennis team, got in an awful car accident a year ago.  She thought it was just a normal ride home until a clueless driver ran a red light, and smashed into the side of her car while she was making a left-hand turn.  One second she was five miles from home, almost safe and sound, and then a second later she heard and felt the impact of two cars smashing.  Air bags went off, and her car rolled on its side as it skidded through the intersection.  For her, everything was playing out in slow motion, and she was scared she was going to die or become irreversibly injured for the rest of her life.  What saved her from dying in that accident was the fact that the other driver smashed into the passenger side of her vehicle instead of the drivers side, and she was wearing her seat belt.  After the accident, Sophie’s car was completely totaled, and almost everything had to be fixed.  To go along with car damage, was a broken right shoulder.  Not only was she scared to drive, but she could no longer play tennis.  Thanks to her insurance, her car was sent to a shop to be completely redone, and she got her shoulder healed and fixed with the help of doctors and physical therapists.  Without her insurance to rescue her, she wouldn’t have been able to drive her car again, or use her shoulder without paying huge medical expenses. Insurance helped give Sophie her life back again, and about a year later she was able to start playing tennis with the team because her shoulder was finally better.

Another example of insurance being a lifesaver is a girl in one of my classes, Lindsey, whose house unexpectedly burned down.  Luckily none of her family was inside the house, but everything she once had was gone in an instant.  Her families insurance was there to help them rebuild their house, and replace all of their possessions.  During a time of distress, having someone there who wants to help you is enough of a push to put the disaster behind you, and stay strong in the future.  Lindsey’s family now has a beautiful home again, and with the help of insurance they have been able to recover from this unimaginable event.

All of these examples help demonstrate why insurance is important.  Insurance has personally helped me after an accident, as well as two of my friends.  Our insurance companies were there to help us in times of need, and helped us push through until our lives got back to normal.  When I am living on my own in the future, I will always purchase insurance on everything—my house, my car, and my family.  Even though I may never need it, it is important for me to have it just in case the unimaginable happens.  I want to be safe, covered, and insured no matter what, because insurance is important to me.

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