Jericho L

My eyes are open for the first time in what seems like years. I look towards my right and witness a horrifying scene. Blood is splattered across the ceiling of my car, my wife is aching in horrific pain, and the car horn is making cries throughout the busy plaza. To make matters worse, I am feeling incredibly dizzy, probably from the fact that my car is upside down. God, why am I in such a deep, deep mess? Then I notice the guy 25 feet away who had caused the horrid scene. He is worried about the fact that his car is in shambles, his daughter is crying in agony, and that his dog is long gone. While he is worried about all of this, he is more worried about the lack of insurance he has. How is he going to afford all of this? Who will help him and his family recover from the accident both physically and mentally?

Fortunately, this whole accident is completely imaginary, but it tells a strong message—insurance is this safety bubble that is able to lift people back up when things go awry. I may be upside-down in a damaged car, but I have the comfort in knowing that my insurance will be there to clean and fix this disaster up in many different aspects. Regardless of the situation, it is important to know that insurance will be there financially, mentally, and physically.

Insurance will be there for me whenever I get into an accident of any kind. It is hard for me to imagine anyone trying to recover without the aid of insurance by his or her side. A person who has been in an accident has many questions. What just happened? How do I recover from this? What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Mentally, a person will have a lot of confusion and insurance agents can walk and guide the victim through a state of understanding and agreement.

From a physical standpoint, insurance will be there to take care of the physical effects that cannot be fixed by a victim alone in a short amount of time. The last thing a victim wants to think about while recovering from an accident mentally is fixing all the physical damage that has been done. Insurance is there to take the lead. They will figure out the damage that needs to be repaired and refer to companies that can fix these problems. It is comforting to know that insurance can guide me through these mental and physical damages associated with the accidents or situations that come up.

Insurance is also important because it covers me financially when I do get into problematic situations. Without insurance there to cover my family and I with financial payments, I would be left with a huge bill from the accident that has just happened, regardless if I was at fault or not. Accidents get costly and without the aid of insurance, victims would have to pay for all of it. I have experienced the power of insurance back when I was thirteen. The roof to my house got massive damage from a hailstorm that hit my area out of nowhere. Stuck with the burden of a damaged roof, there was definitely a huge cost to fix the roof. Fortunately, we had home insurance—within a week, my dad called our insurance company and the company promised to pay 90% of the bill. It was greatly needed in a situation like that. Without their help, my dad would have had to use most of our savings in order to pay for it. It just goes to show that insurance is worth having.

The main reason why insurance is important to me is that it makes me less worried about the accidents or situations that I get myself into. Accidents happen, and the last thing that anyone should think about is the fact that he or she does not have insurance to recover financially, mentally, and physically. Even if an accident has not occurred yet, people will be extremely overcautious about getting themselves into a rough situation or accident if they do not have insurance. While it is great to see people make a strong effort to protect themselves, it can take a toll mentally. Instead of people worrying about daily routines and special events, they’re stuck worrying about getting into a car accident or having their phone stolen because they do not have insurance. With insurance, there is now a strong back-up plan if they end up getting into those situations.

Insurance is not just a business; it is a necessity that everyone needs. Life can happen at any point, whether it is good or bad. When it does get bad, victims need insurance to get them back on their feet financially, mentally, and physically. When it does get good, insurance will also be there to ensure that life is in the hands of someone who can take care of you. That is why insurance is important to me.

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