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Insurance has protected my family from a tremendous financial loss over the last year. Through health insurance and home insurance, we were covered for my dad’s surgery and water damage in our home. Although we are still paying for the surgery to this day, we are nowhere near the ugly position we could be in if it were not for insurance.

In June of last year, my dad suffered a very serious heart attack one day after he came home. At first, he said it was only an acid problem as a result of something he ate. However, his reaction to the immense pain made it clear it was a heart attack even though he is still in his forties. My brother and I called 911 and he was sent to the hospital. They confirmed it was a heart attack and he was the luckiest man on the planet. His main artery was 95% blocked with his other three being over 80% blocked as well. The doctors recommended receiving surgery as soon as possible. While my dad and my mom were visiting a doctor’s office to see if the surgeon was available, my dad had another heart attack. This was a red flag for the surgeon because my dad was simply sitting down doing absolutely nothing. My dad had open-heart surgery that same day. The surgery was a quadruple bypass where they took veins from his legs and made artificial vessels for his heart. The surgeon was amazing and saved my dad with a successful operation which lasted over several hours. I will forever be grateful to that man. My dad’s recovery, however, was very painful the first month because the doctors had to saw his bones to get to the heart. Thankfully, throughout the surgery and the hospital bed we were covered through our insurance. Again, we are still paying the copays for my dad’s surgery even today but we are financially stable.

That being said for our health insurance, we are now making use of our homeowner’s insurance. We had installed solar panels for our house just a couple months after the surgery. The cost was a burden for the short run, but will eventually make up for the power bills in the long-run. However, just recently a flock of pigeons have nested under our solar panels. This is very bad because their feces are acidic and can cause major damage to our rooftop if we do not take care of this problem soon. We are covered and will have a person come to our house and get rid of the nest. It is dangerous to go onto the roof since there are many ways one may hurt his or herself, so we are paying an expert to do it for us. Another problem my family had was water damage in our ceiling above the living room and kitchen. While my mom was having a shower upstairs one day, a piece of the drain came loose and water pooled onto the ceiling and leaked through. We turned our water off for the house and grabbed buckets and towels to hold the water leaking through. Thankfully, our insurance covered us and we were able to have someone come over to assess the situation that same night. Because the water was clean and not dirty, we determined it would have to be a problem with the shower drain under the master bedroom shower. The next day a gentleman came to our house and cut out a portion of our ceiling to see what the exact problem was and to dry off the drywall. The piece that came loose was a bowl looking piece that was supposed to catch the water. Our insurance can cover us for most of the expenses for fixing the ceiling, but the third parties we are asking to fix the ceiling are charging ridiculous numbers just to put back in drywall and paint over it. Hopefully, we will find the right company with the right price to fix our ceiling.

My family and I are originally from Canada. So we know what it would have felt like having free health care and not having to worry about the majority if the expenses for my dad’s surgery. The cost of homeowner’s insurance is about the same in Canada so that wouldn’t have made that much of a difference for the house problems. However, as better it would have been on our finances in Canada, I am still very grateful for the insurance we have for our problems today. Without our insurance, we would probably have lost our house. Most importantly, insurance allowed us to save my dad when he needed surgery on the spot. Insurance rates may be a hassle to pay and can stress people out, but it is when you need it the most that you understand the true importance of insurance.

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