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Insurance is the assurance my family utilizes to maintain a level of sustainability in our life.  Whether it is in the form of life, health, auto, or home insurance our lives and lifestyles are protected by insurance.  A few examples within my personal experiences with insurance highlight the assurances that insurance has provided my family and I.


My father and mother in laws both passed away in relative closeness to each other.  In the case of my mother in law, she did have life insurance while my father-in-law did.  The differences were profoundly clear between the two situations.  In my father-in-laws case, his burial proceedings were covered and any debt was covered and even property was allocated to next-of-kin debt free.  In my mother-in-laws case, none of this was true and my wife inherited their home and vehicle debts.  This becomes increasingly difficult for family members to liquidate items of a recently passed loved one, often putting themselves in financial strain due to the inability to ‘let-go’ of sentimental belongings.  The benefit of life insurance protects your loved ones in such an untimely event.


In the case of health insurance, primary and even supplemental insurance provides security and peace of mind.  Our family benefits from primary and supplemental insurance to protect us from extravagant hospital costs, visits, medication copays, and so many more examples.  My wife for example required an ambulatory service and ER care, due to a mix up in the hospital, we were sent a bill exceeding $8,000.  Had we not been able to coordinate this with our health insurance provider our livelihood would have been detrimentally affected.


Although most people may consider themselves well versed in the benefits of automobile and vehicle coverage, some aspects of coverage may surprise even the most experienced.  During my time in the United States Air Force, I needed to travel from Florida to Alaska.  Once I had entered the desolate area of upper reaches of Canada I began to run into troubles.  Once your financial institution notices irregular purchases on your cards they freeze your accounts.  I ended up going through 4 spare tires, the last of which was in Yukon at a cost of $350.  Unable to use my cards, my unit was unable to assist.  My last hope was an inquiry to my auto insurance provider, without haste my insurance provider not only procured a tire for my vehicle but had the vehicle realigned and towed at no cost.  Included in their efforts was a night stay in a hotel while the repairs were being completed.  Their efforts enabled me to arrive at my new duty station on time as well as offer me piece of mind.


A large percentage of the population has found themselves in rental situations due to the changes in lending practices, the housing market, and unfair lending practices that effected our entire generation.  Most renters assume that because landlords are responsible for the care and maintenance of their housing that they would also assume some liability should a disaster occur. The case is that the occupying individual is liable for all forms of theft, fire, water, tornado, earthquake, or any other event affecting the property and their belongings.  Many landlords have included a $10/month premium of renter’s insurance that can give a false sense of insurance. Many stipulations in these offers are generally bare minimum and may only cover the landlord’s investment. I came face-to-face with this scenario once my basement had flooded, the protection covered 10% current market value of my belongings upon approval, which was denied because the area had not been assessed as a flood zone.  Now I rely on using renter’s insurance through my auto provider, now I have peace of mind should some degree of disaster occur.


Once you have children, you strive to live a healthier life, a longer life.  We want to protect our children from the worst the world could throw at them.  And one benefit of insurance is that a parent’s protection continues on.  My boys will benefit from our dedication to life, health, auto, and home insurance.  These benefits will blossom once we purchase a home to call our own and their own.  For the last few generations, homes are no longer passed down to the next of kin, because of the lack of insurance and stipulations in financial agreements.  Invest your time in your future with insurance for assurance.


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