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I once heard the most profound statement about having insurance. It goes, “From the first slap and cry we all start to die.” That was very eye-opening for me! I’m a young man, not even 18 years old, so the part about “starting to die” – had me thinking. I have so many plans I want to see come into fruition –so many goals I want to surpass with flying colors! This statement, though in a cute little rhyme, is reality! Insurance is so very important for every living person to have. Every day is not promised! There has to be some accountability for taking care of a person’s estate and even funeral expenses – should the time come (hopefully that will be rather at a ripe age of say, 100; than any younger).

Most people consider paying for insurance as one of those bills that you pay if you just happened to have some extra money. You know, they’re young and healthy, with children or spouses that are young and healthy.  People should realize that you don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live without you and whatever support you provided.  Think about the needs of your little ones, your spouse, or even siblings (if none of the prior people are in your life).  The stress related to losing a loved is great enough! Why compound that stress and terrible pain with worrying about how to give that person more stress with how to handle (and finance) your final arrangements.  That is not very fair or even responsible of you. Paying now for holding off  these stressors may cost you today a little each pay, but in the future of uncertain occurrences, accidents, and even crime – its best to be safe and secure with some insurance.

Too many times someone leaves this world and others have to set up GoFundMe accounts. What a burden on yourself and your loved ones to contend with the steps to set up, monitor, and ask for money to help you handle your responsibility of caring for your loved one and even yourself – if the time came. I know many of these accounts are necessary for those who may not have any insurance due to lack of job, not knowing how to get insurance, or even what type of insurance (and amount) is best for you and your family.

A young philosopher and social critic, Mokokoma Mokhonoana, stated that “Insurance companies sell what might happen tomorrow. Historians sell what certainly happened yesterday.”  I take that to further clarify what I already believe. This is that insurance companies are only trying to provide things that are beneficial for you and your family – like other companies do: grocery stores, doctor’s offices, schools, and even amusement parks! These places all provide either something you need (food, services of a doctor, an education. and even some fun) – for the sake of helping you to live better. However, like the quote also points out, in contrast, is the fact that historians sell (or tell) facts, data, and other pieces of evidence to demonstrate things that have already happened in the past. Unfortunately, life insurance does not work similarly. The companies must sell life insurance as a way of safe-guarding you against what might happen in your life in the future.

Not sold yet? Well, think about this. Does your vehicle have some insurance on it? I bet it does, since most car dealerships and banks mandate that coverage is full and enough to cover any expenses, should that vehicle get damaged or stolen.  You have that insurance, and it may have a high as a mountain deductible for any incidentals: if someone stole your rims, a storm caused a tree to fall on it, or even an ex keyed the ride! Think of this too. If that ride was stolen, totaled, or even dented – would you still live? Most likely! You would probably be very upset and even angry –but still here, since you had insurance. Would you or your loved ones be placed under additional stress? Oh, this is definitely probably going to happen – but you’ll all get over it. The fact that you had some car insurance made you get over it since you knew that it could be replaced.

Now let’s switch it around. You don’t have life insurance. If you can pay for a car to relieve stress and provide security for incidentals and damage – then surely a human life is more important to keep covered with insurance. Surely, providing financial stability and a way to help with your final arrangements (with monies left to cover miscellaneous things), is worth the insurance. No need for me to continue with renter’s insurance, property insurance or even appliance insurance! They all serve their purposes. That fact remains that a human life and the lives of the surviving loved ones in your life – is the most important insurance to ever have. I know you love your Tahoe, Benz, or even Harley motorcycle! Think deeper and more responsibly, though. Think of how your surviving family members might have to cope already if you were gone – and to not have insurance would further devastate them. Think of your devastation of not having insurance if some terrible, unexpected incident happened to one of your loved ones –leaving you to borrow, set up GoFundMe. accounts, or even take out a loan to cover final expenses. Do not do that to yourself or your family. Get covered with life insurance for your sake, your survivors’ sakes and those others you care about. Life is too precious to leave it up to chance to cover final expenses. Get that life insurance today!

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