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Insurance is something that everyone needs. For the people in this world who don’t have financial savings to back them up insurance can be a safety net. whether it comes from a car accident, the death of a family member, or a house fire, insurance can be used to make sure your life isn’t completely flipped upside down. I never knew just how important and life-changing insurance could be until the passing of my father. I’m glad insurance was there to back my family up. Otherwise I don’t know where we would be right now.

My father died of prostate cancer June 25th, 2016. My family doesn’t have extra savings that can be dipped into so we were in a tough situation. Between a trip to New York for his funeral and simply paying his hospital bills things got very expensive. I picked up two jobs as a lifeguard  in order to bring in some extra money and to save for college. I worked countless hours and managed to save up about $2,000 over the summer but knew that it still wasn’t enough. My mom told me that I would get some money from my father’s insurance but I didn’t know how much I would receive. It turns out I will be receiving just over $4,000 on my 18th birthday! This was amazing news because I can use that money to both help my mom with bills as well as save toward college. I plan on getting my degree in history and pursuing a career as a high school history teacher in my community. By doing this I hope to be an inspiration and resource to young black males like myself who don’t think college is an option.

I’m not the only person who’s benefiting from insurance. My closest friend was involved in a car accident and had to miss a significant amount of time at work. He needed his job because his mother recently had a baby girl and the father didn’t have a job at the time. His money wasn’t just for him but for his family as a whole. His case took a few months to get settled but it was worth it. Through his insurance he received $18,000 and has been able to fix his car, help his family with bills, and save for college. He plans on becoming some form of engineer and use the money he makes to help support his mother and sister in their lives.

Another life that has been changed through insurance is my cousin. By coincidence I was sitting at the bus stop with some friends when I saw a car accident just a block down. Once I saw that it was a purple Chrysler Sebring I ran full speed to the car. My cousin was getting out of the car and walking to the sidewalk. He was okay but the car was obviously totaled. This was bad news because he worked pretty far from home and needed his car to get there. Luckily the other driver took blame for the accident and insurance was exchanged. My cousin was able to borrow his mother’s car for a month until he received his insurance money to replace his car. Without the insurance money he would have likely lost his job. He has saved a significant amount of money from his job and bought a camera which he uses to pursue his passion of photography. The insurance made sure that his life didn’t take too bad of a hit after the accident and he was still able to pursue his dreams.

Insurance has been truly life changing for countless individuals in my life. Where we come from money is hard to come by. We all work to support our families as the men of the house and without the extra help we would be lost. Insurance has put me on a path that makes college a realistic goal, it has made it possible for my friend to support his family, and allowed my cousin to retain his job and start his photography career. Insurance has changed so many lives and to know that it does so on a daily basis is simply amazing. To all of the people who think insurance is a scam and that you don’t really need it I would disagree. I think insurance softens the blow of life’s hits and makes it easier for families to rebuild afterward. Of course it can’t change what has happened but it can make the difficult situations a little more manageable.

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