Jasmine C

Insurance should be an important thing to everyone. Insurance is important to me because I am constantly thinking about the future, and when thinking and planning for the future, one must also take into account that sometimes things in your plan go wrong. Sometimes, at certain points in our life, we cannot afford for things to go wrong, figuratively and literally speaking. So we must get the issue resolved, and sometimes that is a challenge all on it’s own, which is why we all need to have insurance.

This has been something has come up in my own life. I am a full time college student, and also have a full time job to support my classes. My campus and job are only about 10 minutes away from each other, but I live 30-40 minutes away from the both of them. I did not have my own vehicle yet so my boyfriend and I shared a vehicle. It is his father’s truck whom has passed, so it is an older vehicle. Since he is not a new driver and it is older, he only has liability on his truck because of how cheap it is. I work as a retail manager so some nights out of the week I do not get off until 10 o’clock or so. Like most of these nights he was going to be picking me up when I got off. We are closed and counting down the drawers when the work phone rings and me and a co-worker joke about not answering it since we are technically closed. When she answers the phone she tells me the call is for me. I pick up the line and it is my boyfriend, distress and tears in his voice. All he says is “Babe I f-ed up”. I knew it had to do with the truck. The truck we both so desperately needed to get to work and school every-day, neither of which that is not in walking distance. He had wrecked on his way to pick me up.

It was awful, he was fine physically, but very disappointed in the whole situation. The truck was out of comission for a little bit. We managed to make do, and found a way to wherever we needed to be, but for me it was stressful, I did not like depending on someone. Since he only had liability, his insurance did not cover the damage, since it was technically his fault.  Eventually, my mom told me I could use an older vehicle of hers. I liked it and drove it for about 3 months, until one night, a couple of weeks ago actually, my boyfriend and I got pulled over on our way home from the movies, I just had a tag light out. We figured he would give me the repair order and we would be on our way, but instead he had other news. He knew it was my mother’s vehicle so he was very nice to me, when he gave me the news that the vehicle had not had insurance since 2014. The same vehicle I had been driving for 3 months and gave my mom money to use. The officer should have made me get towed, but seeing how upset I was, and how obviously surprised I was about the situation, he let me leave, if I promised to take it home and park it. We were very lucky, and I was very, very angry.

About three days later on my next day off, my boyfriend and I went and saw a friend at a car dealership. I was fed up with dealing with my mother and her illegal vehicle. I sat in the dealership for 7 hours, and test drove 4 different cars. I knew I had to leave with something, especially since his truck was still not going to be finished any time soon. After many hours and signatures, I finally had my own, and first car. A black, Hyundai Sonata, and I love it. One of the longest parts of the whole day was finding me insurance. I had never been insured under anybody before, so I knew it was going to be hard and expensive. But luckily, our car dealer was not settling with something outrageous and we finally found a decent one for me, full coverage of course, and that will never change.

So over these past few months, more than ever do I know that insurance, especially auto insurance is very important. It is very difficult to get to where you need to be with no way of getting there. Also, when something does happen, if you’re not fully covered, you are now dishing out thousands of dollars. Not to mention how embarrassing it is explaining that my boyfriend’s accident involves him running into the back of a Krispy Kreme truck.. Which had stolen tags.. Another prime example of why you should always have insurance. Because you can only prepare for the future so much, but having good insurance is one of those ways.

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