Jarrett K

I grew up with three brothers, a sister, and my mom, who without insurance would not be where she is today. At the age of six I experienced the most tragic event in my life, my father committed suicide which not only was tragic to me, but to my entire family. Without life insurance, the situation would have been a living nightmare. My father owned his own business called Homepro, because of this he owed creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars that my mom would not have been able to pay after his death. The money that we received from his life insurance went to pay the creditors along with many other things that made my mom stress. There were many things that my mom could do and did with that money from the life insurance like paying credit card debt, paying for the funeral, buying a house, and moving states these are just some of the things my mom did with the money. When I asked her the what the life insurance money did for our family she told me that without it we would have had creditors knocking on our door for their money, she was not financially able to pay the creditors back. Without the funds from the insurance company my mom would have had to file for bankruptcy. She also told me that we would not have been able to have the childhood that she would have wanted us to have. She gave us all that she could to make sure that we were happy with life, she was my hero during this time, but now I know she was not doing it alone. My mom benefited greatly from the life insurance that we received. Her and my dad had credit card bills that needed to be paid off and with the insurance she was able to completely pay them off. We lived in Utah and after six months from my father’s death we moved to Arizona to be closer to my mother’s family. When we moved, my mom bought a new house to make sure that us kids always had a place to live and grow up while we went through school.  After the trauma that we experienced she knew that not being able to have a roof over our head would only make things worse. My mom was always there to take care of us, however, it was hard to see her and even spend time with her because she became the only provider for our large family. After our move our grandma shortly moved in with us, which meant that my mom had to take care of an extra person and so work was extremely necessary to her. I also know however, that the remaining money that we had from my dad’s death helped eliminate the financial stress that my mom would have had. I can imagine that if we didn’t receive the amount that we did, that she would be working much more than she did and I would have felt like I grew up without a dad or a mom in my life. I know that for my mom being able to be close to her brother and his family helped give her support to get through her husband’s death. Our aunt opened Dunkin Doughnuts with our mom for a short time until they sold. Then my mom was offered a job from my uncle. My uncle was always looking out for our family, making sure that my mom had a job and we had everything we needed. Every move is hard on a kid, they are in a new town not having any friends, but because we moved near family it was a little easier for my brothers and I. We became very close to our family in Arizona and our cousins became our closest friends shortly after we moved to Arizona. They were always there with us and it was almost every weekend that we saw each other. Although the memory of our father was still with us, the support that our cousins gave us was the most needed help we could ask for. Even with this being the most tragic life event I have faced so far; I know that insurance played a tremendous role in helping my family get through the crisis. I now find life insurance to be one of the most crucial things that any family needs. Death can come at any minute and as sad as it is a family needs to be ready to be financially capable of living on their own.

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