Jameelah S

Insurance is one of the most important things that a person can obtain in their life. Whether it be for a vehicle, home, dental, vision, or health, it is something that has played a significant role in my life in many different unforeseen situations. Although the rising cost of the different insurances is one that is a main concern for many individuals, people should not dismiss how important it is to have. My life today would not be what it is now without insurance. From medical insurance that covered the birth of my three children. To vision and dental insurance which serves a significant role in my children’s life with promoting their health. All the way to car insurance, which has protected me in a number of not at fault accidents.

I am the second oldest of 5 children, four girls and one boy. Growing up a majority of my childhood and adolescence and now with children of my own my adulthood was spent outside. I was either playing sports which consisted of softball and basketball, or I was just simply outside. My parents were enormous advocates against children being cooped up inside of the house in front of the television or playing video games. Especially in the summer months when there was no school and beautiful weather. However, as I’ve gotten older with children of my own I now know better and have come to the realization that my parents just wanted a few moments of peace and quiet. As I sit and look back on those years I remember almost as if it were yesterday the moment where I got my first lesson on the importance of insurance.

On this particular day I came home with my father from one of my softball games. I was extremely excited because I managed to hit a homerun and my team won, but I was also a little agitated because my mother was not there. As my father and I were driving down the street that we lived on we saw my Mother and sisters and brother outside. My Father’s said, “Great everyone is outside cleaning the yard”. My attitude immediately changed because it was a warm, there was no school and I had just spent all morning playing softball. I surely did not want to spend the rest of my day cleaning the yard. As we got closer to the house we saw that our end tables from our living room and my desk from my room was outside in the yard. We both could not figure out what was going on. We finally reached the house and pulled in the driveway and my father immediately hops out and asked my mother what was going on.

My mother said, “There was a fire in the house but it’s not that bad it was in Jameelah’s (my) room.”

The fire was luckily contained to my room only. However, the rest of the house suffered from smoke and some water damage. At that time I was only concerned with the materialistic things that my room obtained. After a long argument between my parents about how it all happened and what would happen next, my father informed me that if it wasn’t for him having insurance this accident could have left us temporarily homeless. He also told me that he would have to call the insurance company to file a claim and that there would be a semi- lengthy process of making itemized lists of all the damaged objects in the house.

The insurance company executed their job in a timely manner. They sent out someone to assess the damage, processed the necessary paperwork and from there paid the contractors directly to repair my whole room with a new floor, windows, walls, and painting the walls a color of my choice. In addition they replaced the damaged carpet throughout the house, and painted the smoke damaged walls throughout the house. The company also issued my parents a check that allowed them to be able to replace the materialistic items such as my bed, clothing, dressers, television and etc.

Although this was only one of the numerous experiences that I have encountered in my life that required some sort of insurance, it was however the one that opened my eyes to the world of insurance and the importance of it. Had my parents not had insurance the devastation of this fire could have been even worse than just the fire itself. They could of had to pay for the repairs to my room and the rest of the house out of their pockets, which I’m pretty sure they could not have afford, or they would have had to do the repairs themselves if they were knowledgeable enough to and it would have ended up taking a longer period of time to do. Having insurance such as car, homeowners, or renters insurance is important because it provides one with the protection from financial loss in situations of emergency, accidents, or an unforeseen negative event. As in my situation having insurance was a saving grace.

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