Jaime U

Why Insurance Is Important to Me

Insurance is important to me because I have always been a very health conscience person. I grew up around my elderly grandparents that spent their days in and out of doctor offices. After each visit they would stress to me that not only was a good diet and exercise important but also a good yearly physical was important as well.

Even though my grandparents exercised, dieted and seen a doctor on a regular basis my grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer and a few weeks later died. It was a very sad time and I always felt that if they could have tested him sooner like my father and father in law who was diagnosed with an early stage of colon cancer both recovered soon after be treated for it.

My grandparents weren’t the only ones to recommend and encourage visiting a doctor. My mother went to visit her doctor on a yearly basis. On one regular visit and at the age of 26 she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. One of the things that I believe helped her live longer was her good Health Insurance. I am thankful that my mother was able to see me get married and pregnant with my first child but if doctors had the knowledge they have now, my mom wouldn’t have died and early age of 36 years of age. Maybe she would have been able to see my first child be born.

Like my grandparent, father and mother who visit their doctor on a regular basis. I too went to see my doctor when it was time to do so and in 2013 I had one of those normal physical done. I also had a few blood test done and then was sent home. A few days later I could hardly climb out of bed and told my husband I was sure I was going to die. I called my doctor and told him I was very ill and needed more test done or something. He called a few days later and stated that my tests came back that something was wrong with my kidneys.

In fact, my right kidney had completely died. I was diagnosed with a form of cancer in my kidney and had it removed. I was sent into the hospital to have it drained of the infection that had set in and a few days before Christmas of 2013 I had my kidney removed.  I thank God for my insurance because I was able to quickly get in and out of the hospital and back to a normal life again.

I feel everyone should be able to obtain some kind of health insurance. Not only will it save more lives but it will also open the door to better treatment and understanding of similar illnesses and diseases. My grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer and soon after died. However, my father was also diagnosed a few years later and quickly healed and moved on with his life. With the understanding of different diseases future generations are able to receive key and knowledge to how to detect and diagnose certain diseases and illnesses.

With being able to detect and diagnose certain diseases and illnesses at an early stage like my father and father in law doctors are able to quickly help future generations. If more people are able to obtain some kind of health insurance and be able to see their doctors on regular basis. Maybe future generations will have the key and understand of how to detect Alzheimer, dementia, and Parkinson’s. I would love to see Michael J. Fox be healed and sent back to a normal life.

If Michael never gets to see that day at least a future generation of great actors like him might never have to be brought down with the same disease. Another problem health insurance could help with is mental health issues. Everyone who suffers from the trauma of losing a loved one, such as my baby sister Joy (who was 11 when our mother died) needs support and group therapy. No child should suffer alone.

In conclusion, my health insurance is important to me.  I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on expensive doctor bills and also because only my doctor can do test that can tell me if I am in perfect health on the inside.

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