Jailene R

The world is an extremely swollen abyss of inevitable disasters. Everyday people die, cars crash, and accidents happen. Most humans never believe a tragedy will happen until it happens to them. A person’s world can be going according to plan until one day they end up in a hospital bed with a disease as dangerous as cancer. My mother never expected something bad to happen. But yet on August of 2000, nine months after I was born, tragedy struck my family.  That August my mother had been unexpectedly hit by a fire truck.

Life was hard after that hit. My mother’s back was severely injured, and the impact caused her to gain hernias on both her neck and back. These hernias caused her to have uncontrollable back spasms that would sometimes immobilize her for several days at a time. I was forced to learn how to walk early in my life because my mother could not carry me anywhere. One can only imagine how bad, financially, the accident impacted my family. Especially almost immediately after the stressful financial strain of accepting a newborn child into the family.

Almost all of my mother and father’s hopes and dreams were crushed. They saw no guarantee to a economically sound future. No one knew what the next day had to offer and every member of my family looked to each other for a sense of security. Every second seemed to weigh on us and every decision was examined carefully for the months following that tragic event. The only peace my mother experienced was given to her by our insurance company. Not only did they replace our car but the insurance agent was wholeheartedly committed to helping both of my parent’s get back on their feet.

If it had not been for the hard work of the men and woman working at the agency, my family would have been overwhelmed with hospital bills and doctor visits. Having an insurance agent by our side terminated any uneasiness and uncertainty that we would not be able to return to a normalcy. Insurance allows people to live life to the fullest after tragedy strikes.  If my family had not had insurance who knows what our lives would be like. Our insurance company made us stronger and better than ever before. Today our lives are fantastic. My family was able to move on from the accident and grew from the lessons it taught us. I can only hope that people have had the same amazing experience involving insurance that we had. I truly do not know what my life would be like if we would have never received the funds and help necessary to recover. Insurance guaranteed us those funds and it is important because other people face accidents way worse than ours.

People without insurance often tend to go bankrupt. When a tragedy occurs when your not ready it can hit you by surprise. Not having insurance can cause you to drown in the cost of the aftermath of the event. Insurance is sometimes the only deciding factor on whether you sink or swim. Lack of it has lead to suicide, extended sickness, misery, and broken families. This is because those who lack insurance lack a safety net and without this net they feel insecure. This feeling of not having security can lead to a deep depression and eventually cause people to go insane.

On the contrary, most individuals who receive insurance are guaranteed a safety net. This is because different insurances exist for an array of different things. Whether it is the death of the main financial provider or a life-threatening accident, insurance agents are always there to provide love and support. Having a financial cushion can cause a person to feel more serenity in every choice they make. It is often the deciding factor of many people’s decisions because it allows them to have a choice. Insurance provides you with two roads. Each road has a different outcome and each outcome leads to a better tomorrow.

Lack of insurance would leave you with one outcome and this outcome is bankruptcy.

Those who are forced to take bankruptcy are left with no other answer. This is why insurance is essential. Even when you seem out of harm’s way. No one ever knows when life will take a turn for the worse. Even when you think you do not need the assistance it is always a good idea to have. This is because having insurance prepares you for the “worst” and allows you to slowly get better one step at a time.

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