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In today’s society, insurance is very important to have because it provides assistance in several different situations that may be costly. Doctors visit are covered by insurance, auto accidents, home disasters, and even death. If many unfortunate events occurred, the bill could add up fast. Insurance is important to me because it has and always will assist my family by lifting the financial burden when someone or I is very ill and provides a peace of mind if my family or I would get in an unforeseen accident.

For an entire week, I went to school very ill. Everyday, I would be sent home around noon because I had a high fever and could not even lift my own head up. My teachers would become upset with me and send me to nurse because I could not even participate in class activities. At the end of the week, it was clear that I needed to find the closest urgent care. My mom called the closest one about a minute away and set an appointment. My mom was immensely worried if they had our health insurance there. We had all heard stories of her co-workers receiving bills as high as $15,000 for the flu, sprained muscles, and more. We, however, did not want to wait any longer to get me checked out. We arrived and the doctors could tell I was seriously ill. The symptoms were fever, headache, body aches, skin rashes, and swollen lymph nodes. I had waited entirely too long as I first felt the sore throat two weeks before my arrival to the urgent care. The doctors ran several tests and concluded that I had pharyngitis. We finally received a great amount of antibiotics and immediately started taking the required doses. About a month later, my family and I received a bill in the mail from the urgent care. The bill was $7,000 for all the tests, antibiotics, and follow up. We felt like we had lost everything. We read the reviews online of patients not paying because of how expensive little strep test were. We decided we had no choice but to not pay. About 3 months after that bill, we got another bill showing what our insurance paid and what we owed. We were saved. The insurance had covered 80% of the doctor visit. That is why insurance is important to me because it lifted the financial burden of my parents after I got ill unexpectedly as it would if I or someone else got into an unpredictable accident.

An auto accident could happen any second and insurance would help my family and me by lifting the cost of repairs, which makes insurance important to me. At any stop sign, someone could easily not pay attention and t-bone me. At any red light, someone could rear end me because they were texting. At night, any drunk driver could hit me and make my car flip several times. The possibilities for accidents are endless. Insurance would cover any damage caused by me or someone else as long as they also have insurance. Insurance is important because if it is your fault and you do not own insurance, the victim is now at a loss and cannot afford to repair the damages caused by the driver at fault unless they have full coverage with is beyond expensive. This is why everyone needs to follow the rules of the road and purchase insurance, as they should already have auto insurance because in most states it is against the law to not have auto insurance. Shockingly, 14% of drivers still do not have auto insurance. A close family member of mine did not have auto insurance and was at fault for the wreck she had caused that day. The victim of the wreck immediately took her to court and tried to sue her. The judge found her guilty and she was sued for the cost of the damage. She could not afford it and had her license revoked. She still has not paid the victims of the wreck nor has she got her license back. She still drives uninsured and without a license which is reckless and careless. Insurance will forever remain important to me because I do not want to leave victims or myself with a big bill to pay without the help of mine or their insurance.

When unexpected illness occurs or an unforeseen auto accident occurs with anyone in the family, I believe that you should always have insurance in order to assist my family by lifting the financial burden.

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