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In this world there exists an immutable truth: No matter how kind or how exquisite, bad things will eventually happen to good people. Homes may crumble, precious lives may be stolen, quiet days may become tumultuous, but the world will coldly go. In time, those who are harmed by events like these must find their way back on their feet and simply walk away, leaving those cruel times as nothing more than a painful memory. More often than not it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible for someone to fix major dilemmas on their own. This is where insurance comes in as it provides people with an immediate second chance and a means of finding their bearings once again.

Hurricane Sandy is perhaps the best example for showcasing how vital the implementation of insurance is. The damage to the east coast as a whole was unfathomable to me; I couldn’t even fathom that what happened to my hometown of Crisfield was a becoming a common sight in the wake Sandy. While it never directly leaked into my house, the flood waters rose up to our highest steps and completely submerged our heating unit. Our roof was terribly soggy and was required to be completely replaced along with our heating unit. Without heat and an a stable line of electricity, living conditions were very uncomfortable to say the least.

All in all the expenses amounted to around $15,000 dollars, which is clearly a daunting price coming from someone raised in a traditional middle class family. These problems were only half of what other townsfolk were going through since we had the blessing of not living within range of falling trees. When things began to settle down I took my dog out for a walk and noticed that almost every house I walked past had at some sort of damage from either the heavy winds or tree debris. However, what hit me the most was the utter destruction of our docks at the end of town. While a lot of the houses could be salvaged, the docks were completely ripped apart and discarded into the sea. I’m not exactly the most emotional person in the world, but seeing something that I’ve known for all of my life just washed away was disheartening. All of the memories of going to the town ice cream parlor with my grandmother and sitting along the dock benches were ruthlessly sullied in the wake of Sandy.

Luckily, insurance companies and other coverage groups were able to fix all that they could. Our house was covered by flood insurance and a wonderful volunteer group came along to spruce up other portions of the house. FEMA covered the destruction of the docks and reconstructed it with cement so that we can never lose them again. One step after another our little seaside home began to go back to normal, making Sandy just another bad memory in time. Unfortunately, some did not have insurance and relied entirely on strangers to get them by; some found a harder time to return to their normal lives and still do to this day. Without any insurance coverage whatsoever, there wouldn’t have been a happy ending for the most of Crisfield.

Insurance is a crucial part of modern society; we are not perfect and it is inevitable that something will go terribly wrong. In his youth, my father spent his time driving around with friends and enjoying the little things in life. It imposed no harm on anyone, yet one day he found himself in a car accident that had the capacity to end his life in an instant. He was ejected from the car and was propelled along the road, requiring complete facial reconstruction along the left side of his face for the next three weeks. Although he had medical insurance that covered some of his exorbitant medical expenses, the driver of the vehicle had no auto insurance. My father went on to pay out thousands of dollars in medical bills for the better part of a decade. Those circumstances caused a huge financial burden which left him barely able to pay basic household expenses simply because one person didn’t think that having insurance was important. My father is perfectly fine and healthy now, but there’s no doubt that paying those bills was straining at such a young age.

To summarize this essay, I feel that insurance is essentially the best second wind someone can have. Times get hard and bad things will happen, it is simply a natural cycle in the world. Insurance is a tool put in place so that a person can get back up on their feet, dust off their clothes, and move forward once again. If something were to ever happen to me I would feel relief in the fact that I have an agency at my side that is willing to help me mend some broken walls. I just have to have the strength to fix them in the first place.

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