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For many people, insurance is something they might have, but never think about. However, it is something that can be utilized many different ways, and can make a big difference in peoples’ lives. Insurance is definitely a blessing, and prevents so many people from struggling. Without it, the amount of people capable of affording necessary things like healthcare, life, etc., would be out of luck. I am one of those people.

While I haven’t had a bad life, my family is far from wealthy, and I’ve never been that well off. I know for a fact that without insurance, we would be in a much worse place. Insurance is something that I view as very important, medical insurance specifically. Medical insurance has been something that my family has depended on in multiple dire situations. Everyone in my family, myself included, has utilized healthcare time and time again, something we would be left without, provided we had no insurance.

My father, the eldest in our family, is who I’ll begin with. My father has had stomach problems throughout his life (passing them on through the family) as well as mental health problems. He has needed counseling and a psychiatrist, and anyone knows that those bills really add up and weigh on you, and are hardly bearable with insurance, nevermind without. There have been multiple other occasions, too. Due to something being off with his heart, he had to have a surgery where the problematic area was burned out, eliminating it completely. On one occasion, we took my father to the emergency room in the middle of the night, due to sharp stomach pains. We waited for hours, and just a couple weeks later, he had his gallbladder removed.

My father isn’t the only person medical insurance has come in handy for. My older sister, too, had to undergo surgery at one point in her life. She had extra cartilage in her knees, and ended up needing surgery on both of them at a fairly young age, straining my parents financially. She also inherited the aforementioned stomach issues, and my parents’ eye problems, meaning a lot more medical procedures, meaning a lot of extra costs. And she’s not the only one who inherited something from my father — I inherited his mental illnesses. I have even more than he does, and I, too, have had to seek professional help in the past, as well as be medicated — something that’s hard to accomplish on a budget. From both my father and my mother, the most important thing I have to bring up came: my eyesight.

My eyesight is something that, recently even more so than before, has reminded me to be thankful for what I have. It has really made me appreciate having insurance. I already knew I had eye problems, as I had both contacts and glasses during previous stages of my life, but I recently found out I have astigmatism. This is something that runs in my family, so I wasn’t surprised, but I was tired of not being able to read or see clearly, and knew something had to be done about it. I got glasses, which we were only able to afford as a result of the vision insurance we have. Something which, every morning when I put my glasses on, I’ll always be grateful for. I should have realized earlier on how important vision insurance was, and not taken it for granted, but despite every member of my family having had glasses at one point or another, I just didn’t.

Going through the process of picking out and ordering glasses, looking through all of the costs, and figuring what insurance would cover, was something that really opened my eyes. I’m not sure if before that point I had even given much thought to our health insurance, never mind vision insurance specifically. Realizing just how much insurance was going to be benefiting me made me further understand its importance. Now, as I wear my glasses, and as I see my parents wear theirs, I know what it costs to get them, and I know that without our vision insurance, I probably would never have gotten them at all. Vision, a necessary part of life, was only possible for me because of insurance. It’s for this reason that I believe everybody should consider insurance itself a necessary and important aspect of life as well.

Even more so, I recognize its benefits to others.  My boyfriend has glasses, my teacher has bifocals, the girl who sits next to me in half of my glasses has contacts. Insurance is important to more than just my family. It’s important to all middle and lower class families.

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