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How is insurance important to me or someone close to me? Insurance should be important to many families because it protects everyone and everything important to us. Health Insurance allows us to be able to pay for our hospital visits, basic preventive treatments, care for life threatening illnesses, birth of our children and our overall health care needs. This includes Dental Care, to maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.
Homeowners insurance is for the protection of your home. Home is where the heart is and know that your have that coverage allows for a certain kind of peace that allows you to sleep at night. Insurance like most things cost according to the type of plan you can or can afford to purchase. For lower income families the quality of care has often come into question. In my family we have lost two family members that were treated at the County Hospital where the communities poor are treated. We are 100% sure that if they had better medical coverage they would have had better treatment, thus extending their lives.
Life insurance was very important for my family once upon a time because we lost a very significant member of our family and we definitely needed insurance  to pay for the funeral service. Not too much longer after the death of my grandmother my grandfather soon passed. My family not being the most wealthiest had to have insurance for a funeral and to continue on with the traditional way to put our loved lost ones to rest.
All insurance is a coverage that is designed to focus on assisting the society in many departments of life. While having or maintaining a job people will receive benefits which include different forms of insurance which is needed to have because of emergencies that we may need assistance with. The only issue with jobs and the benefits is it is not offered at all companies. Some jobs need to improve the benefits for their employees so they can have dental insurance and medical assistance. Lower income families who are forced to live on the income of a minimum wage 9 to 5  jobs need extra support and the benefits of medical etc. My family and my community are the families that are more susceptible to insurance because if one of us were to get into a car accident without insurance that coverage would have to come out of pocket that we can barely afford. Families all over need to get insurances especially in my community.
Insurance is important to me personally being that I am 18 and need to maintain my health and protection. I am going to need
insurance concerning dental, health, life etc besides renters until I become a tenant and pay my own bills. Since I do drive I am going to need car insurance just in case I were to get into an accident. Being so young and soon to be volunteering at a hospital I need health insurance so I can continue to get my check ups and shots to be in a medical environment that is filled with children. These are the primary reasons insurance is important to me because I am going to need to be able to get regular check ups at the hospital that my health insurance will cover. Another type of insurance that has always been important in my life is vision insurance which would go along with health because I have an astigmatism therefore I need assistance with my vision. Glasses are not cheap when you want quality frames or have thicker  lenses than I do such as my mother. We both wear glasses and it would cost a lot more without insurance for our vision. I am seriously grateful for insurance because it helps us save on key things like vision, my health, my life, and the protection of our home. If it weren’t for insurance I would not have been able to afford the glasses that I wear daily and without these glasses I would not have been able to drive with proper vision.
Proper vision while driving can make the biggest difference for people who do wear glasses because they will avoid car accidents which they would better hope to have car insurance for. Not only will they need car insurance but if they were to get injured within the accident they are going to need health insurance so the medical bills can be paid. Not having life insurance nor health insurance is asking to break your pockets because you never know what could take place within the next second of your life and you would hope that someone is covering your bills while you are in the hospital bed being treated. I have see one of my family members almost get put out of the hospital because their insurance didn’t cover their expenses. These are some of the reasons why families should always make sure they, their children, immediate family etc are covered fully if not partially to where someone can afford the rest of the expenses.
So why is insurance important to me or someone close to me because it can save you the expenses of hospital bills, car expenses, home recovery, dental, etc. Insurance can help protect your home when you aren’t there and someone decides to break into your house or hit your car and damages your car very bad. Insurance helps out the lower income families the most because we barely make it as is and to have accidents happen we need insurance to have our back when situations like car accidents, glasses, home invasion, check ups etc happen. Everyone needs insurance its beneficial.

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