Ivette A

My name is Ivette. I am going to tell you why Healthcare insurance, House insurance and car insurance are very important to me according to my own and family member experiences.

Firstly, Health care is such a high cost. However, It is important to me because I am able to get my family and myself to seek medical help for routine checkups or when needed. I have health insurance thru my employer.  Although I have a high deductible, I am able to have insurance to seek professional medical help for my family when needed vs. going to a clinic that may not have the proper equipment when treating a life threating diagnosis. My concern about having insurance is for example, if I go to the doctor and he says to me “you have to have an emergency surgery for your condition.  I can expect that the cost of the treatment to be definitely much  higher than my deductible.  That is why I am always prepared because you never may know what can happen to you tomorrow. Even though my monthly payments and my deductible are extremely high and it can put a burden on my financial situation, I try my best to have insurance for the sake of my family and mine. Even if I did not want to have insurance now is the law according to the affordable care act.

Secondly, at the moment I do not own my own house, but I my mother-in-law do.  I see the benefits of having house insurance. About two years ago, I witnessed the house across the street went up in flames in less than 10 minutes and the people who lived there lost everything.  If they did not have house insurance, I can guarantee you that they will be having difficult time to rebuild or get another house.  Even though my mother-in-law has hard financial times, she always tries her best to keep up with the insurance payments. On occasions, I help her out with some payments as you will never know when an emergency will arise. It will be more challenging for me to look for a new apartment than to help on occasions my mother-in-law with the house insurance payment.

Lastly, having car insurance is important to me as well because you will never know when you will encounter an automobile accident.  I been driving for over 25 years and thanks god that I have never got into a car accident. However my Fiancé at the time was rear-ended at one point and the driver of the car did not have insurance. Luckily, that the car that my fiancé was driving at that time was a big car and did not absorbed any damage. The other driver on the other hand, got his front end damaged.  In this generation, I do not understand why people will jeopardize their life by not having car insurance. The way I see it, if a person cannot afford car insurance then they should not be driving on the street. I know is extremely difficult for someone who lost their job, and have no way to continue to pay for car insurance.  At the same time I feel that it is not fair for someone who just finished getting a new car and if that person without insurance gets into a car accident with the person who just finished buying the new car.  I know times are hard for a lot of people but the public needs to be conscience of the outcome of not having car insurance because it is just as hard

for someone who works very hard for the money and make sacrifices to have car insurance according to

the state law.  There are some affordable car insurance companies out there. As long as a person has car insurance, it does not necessary have to be full coverage which is more expensive. The person can acquire a car insurance with liability only, that way the person is able to afford a better rate.

In conclusion, I feel that for me having the 3 most important insurances: Health insurance, House insurance and Car insurance makes me feel at ease when I go to sleep every day and I do not have to worry “what if”. It is not easy for me to afford them at times. There are times that I have to make sacrifices to make sure that they get paid in a timely fashion. That is why I would like the opportunity to win this scholarship.

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