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There are several types of insurance people need throughout their life; health, auto, life, home, and renters insurance. Insurance is extremely important because the future is uncertain, as human beings we are prone to accidents and they are unavoidable. The whole purpose of carrying insurance is to make sure you are protected from the unknown. When an accident happens, the last thing you want to be worried about is “how am I going to pay for this?”

Health insurance is just for that, your health. If I am driving and I get into a car accident I may have to go to the hospital and health insurance is going to help aid me in paying for any medical expenses. Not only does it protect you in hospitals but health insurance is going to keep up your general health. Once a year people should be getting their eyes checked to help keep our eyesight clear and screenings for any potential, severe problems. As a woman, going to the gynecologist is very important in screening for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and many other problems that can develop. That along with dental checkups every 6 months and even doctor visits can be covered under health insurance.

When we turn 16 here in America we take up one of the biggest responsibilities as an adult, driving. It can be extremely dangerous for we are taking our lives and the lives of those around us when traveling into our own hands. These cars weigh tons, move very fast, and can break down without a moment’s notice. Driving without insurance is reckless and puts the driver in a serious position every time they get behind the wheel. It makes you completely responsible for your car repair, their car repair (if you are responsible), medical bills, and insurance claims from the other driver. Being a college student if I get into an accident I can’t exactly afford all of those expenses so driving with insurance gives me peace of mind every time I get behind the wheel because you never know what is waiting around the corner.

Home and Renter Insurance is going to preserve your home/ apartment if there are break in’s, fires, and floods. As human beings we tend to be sentimental and fill our homes with things that remind us of our loved ones. Loosing these things can be devastating and for some it is the last thing they own from a grandparent, parent, sibling or friend who has passed. We can’t get those back if they are damaged or stolen but having insurance can help make sure we are protected for anything that’s possible. It protects are day to day items like telephones, TV’s, furniture, and appliances. If items are stolen but you have documentation and insurance it can help you get replacements fast and efficiently so your life can move on as undisrupted as possible. After a tragic accident or break in there is much more to worry about than the things taken and having insurance can give you peace of mind during those times.

As we go through life and grow, we obtain family and friends that will need looking after when we are gone. I have experienced this first hand with my grandparents passing away so I have seen what it is like for the families after such losses and dealing with their remaining debt, will and all of the chaos that comes with death. It can be very terrifying for the family when there isn’t life insurance to keep the family left behind protected from the past. Without life insurance your family has to deal with all kinds of debt you’ve left behind, and if they are not equipped to handle the extra weight this can add to the devastation and hopelessness they already feel after losing a loved one. Having life insurance allowed my family to grieve without the added stress.

As one can see, there are many reasons to have insurance in every way, shape, and form. Living a life as unpredictable as we do, it just makes sense to be covered for the unknown. When dealing with a crisis, money and material objects should be the last thing on one’s mind. Only adding to the stress of it all can cause people to go to their breaking point and they can lose pieces of themselves. Adding to a stressful situation makes it worse so why go along unprotected? From the early age of 16 my parents instilled in me a sense of preparedness. Life is a crazy, beautiful thing and as hard as we try we can’t keep the uncertain from happening. Trying to is impossible but take the little steps you can to keep yourself and your loved ones safe by being insured and in doing so, I guarantee a weight will be lifted.

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