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Life is full of uncertainties. There is no guarantee what tomorrow or even the next hour has in store for you. You could be driving to work and hit a deer, have your home broken into, or a wire could spark and cause your home to catch fire. Even when you do everything possible to prevent tragic events, sometimes life throws curve balls that no amount of preparation could prevent. This is why insurance is vital to protecting yourself and family.

I will never get caught saying “that could never happen to me” because I know that whatever it is, very well could happen to me. When I was seventeen I was one of three drivers involved in a life changing car accident. Another driver who risked running a red light caused the accident. I didn’t even have a chance to hit my brakes before I saw that mini van in front of me as I crossed an intersection. All three cars that were hit during the accident were totaled but everyone luckily walked away from the accident alive.

My best friend was the passenger in the car with me. Almost every bone in her left foot was broken and it cost her an athletic scholarship to her top choice college. I spent that summer in physical therapy and undergoing MRI’s, X-rays, and Cat scans to evaluate my injuries. I had a herniated disc in my neck and nearly every disc in my spine along my upper back and neck was inflamed. My knees had hit the dashboard during impact and were severely bruised that I was told would result in early arthritis.

Every medical test, therapy visit and the initial hospitalization were covered in full thanks to insurance. Between our auto insurance the other drivers auto insurance we didn’t have to worry about the medical costs associated with this accident. My family didn’t have a lot of money and would have drowned in these medical costs. Our auto insurance also covered the damage to my vehicle and allowed me to purchase a new one. My family saved thousands of dollars from being insured.
Even six years after this accident, I still experience back pain. However, thanks to my medical insurance I am able to see chiropractors and occasionally attend physical therapy to improve my quality of life and decrease my pain. It’s a comfort knowing that if something medically related arises that I can seek help and not have a huge bill coming my way. As a college student, I would be unable to afford any kind of medical care if I did not have health insurance.

As I am nearing my mid-twenties I have more and more friends, family members, and classmates discovering medical issues. My best friend was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and does not have any health insurance. The testing that needs to be done to monitor the progression of her disease, the treatment, and the doctor’s visits are incredibly expensive. She often finds herself unable to seek the care she needs due to the inability to afford it.  While I do not have any known medical conditions, I am aware that something could arise that I am unaware of now. This is also why I feel secure knowing that I would be okay since I do have health insurance.

I have known multiple families who have lost their beloved homes to fires. Each of these fires was caused by underlying issues that they could have not predicted.  Having homeowner’s insurance protected them from becoming homeless. Their insurance allowed them to be able to afford to rebuild their lives despite losing everything to a devastating way.

I have experienced an event that made me realize that there is no way to know what is going to happen to you even in the next hour. Life throws curve balls at everyone and the only way to prepare is to protect yourself. And this involves having the proper insurance. Insurance not only helps you when you need it but it protects you in case you make a mistake. If the other driver involved in my accident did not have insurance, my family probably would have sued them and that would have impacted their entire family.  Insurance is protection. Insurance has helped me in many ways and I know I will utilize it my entire life. Insurance means that I can live my life without worrying the cost of what could go wrong. Because as I have learned, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

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