Hayley D

Many high school students do not realize the importance that insurance plays in their everyday lives. Most students only hear about how expensive insurance can be, which can cause them to think that having insurance is unnecessary. I use to be one of those students who believed insurance was a costly benefit that may not be worth the money, but after a personal and potentially life changing experience, my thoughts were forever changed.

During the fall of my senior year, an unfortunate event occurred that could have changed my life. This event started when my dad had broken his hip and had to be taken by ambulance to get a total hip replacement. In most cases, people have time to think about factors such as money or risks when it comes to receiving a hip replacement. My dad was not given this option because his break was so severe. As I would sit in the hospital, I would listen to the physician assistant talk about the new hip that would be given to my dad, I could only wonder, how is my family going to pay for this? Knowing that my dad would have time off from work for a few months, I could only wonder how my family would be able to survive for various expenses on one income.

Eventually, after my dad came home from the hospital, I asked my mom about how much the medical bills would be. My mom calmly told me that our family had nothing to worry about since we had insurance. Hearing my mom say that lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I now could focus on taking care of my dad and ensuring that he recovers as quickly and as well as possible. I no longer had to worry about the medical expenses that my family would face.

Not only would the hip and hospital bills be expensive, but the therapy that follows would be costly as well. Little did I realize how much therapy my dad would have to experience with the hip replacement. He had to do a variety of therapy, such as occupational and physical. Thanks to insurance, the cost of this was mostly covered. Insurance not only helped my mom and I ease our minds, but it also helped my dad because he could focus on recovering and would not have to worry about getting back to work before being fully recovered.

This event caused me to see the true value of insurance. Many people believe that paying money for insurance is very expensive and often a waste of time and money, but little do they realize that you are actually helping yourself by paying for insurance. Often times, people hope that nothing catastrophic or life-changing occurs in their lifetime, but for the most part, it is out of their control. Just like the day that my dad broke his hip, which was completely unexpected. This event allowed me to see the importance of various other types of insurance such as life, auto, and home insurance.

After this experience, I was able to understand the importance of the different types of insurance in the lives of every person, young or old. I gained an interest in how life, auto, home, and health insurance can affect lives, just as health insurance had affected mine. I learned that life insurance provides a benefit to people upon the insured’s death. I also discovered that auto insurance can protect someone who gets in an unexpected accident, but it can also protect someone who experiences damage or theft to their car. I also learned that home insurance can protect a person who experiences damage to their home from factors such as wind, fire, hail, lightning, theft, or vandalism. Finally, I learned that health insurance can help someone pay for an unexpected accident, such as what happened to my dad, but it can also help pay for a simple clinical visit to a doctor or dentist.

After going through the experience with my dad, I now understand the important value of insurance. Unlike the common misunderstanding that insurance is a waste of money, it is now obvious that insurance can save you from having to pay an enormous amount whether it be for your life, auto, home, or health. From personal experience, I have also learned that insurance can help you feel reassured. Ultimately, insurance can significantly benefit a person who is trying to pay for an expense, no matter what the cost may be from.

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