Hannah B

Why is insurance important? Insurance not only cuts the costs of everyday problems, but it also provides to people who need it. There are many forms of insurance such as home insurance, life insurance, medical and dental insurance, car insurance, etc. It is now also a law to have insurance. But here is why insurance is important to me.

Insurance saved my grandmother when she had no place to call home but the Superdome. Hurricane Katrina was a devastating catastrophe that ruined thousands of lives. My grandmother was one of those lives. My mother, brother, father and I had lived in a condo right next to my grandmother. It was a small neighborhood with many friend whom quickly became family.  When things started going badly between my mother and father, my mother had moved us across the country while my dad was on vacation. We shortly began to call Washington state our new home.

A year and a half had passed and I came home from school one day to find my mother crying on the couch. She had been watching the news all day long and began to tell me about the catastrophe. I broke down and shared the sorrow and grief with her. I began to ask about grandma and my mother could give me no answers as to how she was, where she was, or if she was safe. I joined her on the couch as she began to share memories with me of her, while the live news was broadcasting on the television. Something, maybe an instinct, was telling me to look up at the TV. As I listened to that gut feeling, I see my grandmother walking across the TV, looking confused.

I know, it seems unrealistic or just odd to see my grandmother out of thousands and thousands of people. But it was here. She had paralysis on the left side of her body. Her arm was always brought towards her body and she carried it as if it were a baby. Half of her face had drooped, almost as if her left side had melted. And her favorite color was yellow. She was wearing a yellow shirt as she walked across that screen. MY mother and I had burst into tears of joy and were overcome by this feeling of peace. Knowing she was safe.

Once everything had settled after hurricane Katrina, some people returned to their homes, some people had no other choice the to live with relatives. And some people were forced to live on the streets. You’re probably thinking, “well, why didn’t you guys just fly her up there to be with you until everything was settled?”. It wasn’t that easy. My mom was a newly single mother with 2 young children, money was tight. Did we want to bring her to a peaceful place? Absolutely. Was it a reality? No. But we did keep in contact with her for a while. She would call us on the payphones almost twice a week and keep us up to date with the progression of things. A lot of crimes were happening when Katrina had subsided, she said. People were angry at the government and would steal or break things because they had nothing or were just infuriated.

One day she called us, she had said her home insurance was going to help pick up the costs from the disaster. We were ecstatic! We had tears of joy as we heard the good news. My grandma was so excited and happy to be able to finally call someplace her home again. We had made plans to go out there and see her and visit with her, I even think my mom wrote the insurance company a thank you letter. But as tragedy struck again, my grandmother was never able to see her new home. She had passed away shortly before my mom had planned on visiting. We think about her all the time and how strong of a woman she was. She is one of the woman I look up to, and I know she would be proud of the woman I am still becoming.

Insurance is important to me because it had given my family a ray of hope, when none was to be found.  Insurance had given us something to look forward to, not only materialistically but emotionally. I never realized how important insurance was, until we received that phone call in 2006.

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