Halimah J

Insurance is important to me because it makes me and my family feel safe and comfortable. It gives me a peace of mind that if something were to happen to me, like if I were to be in a car accident, that my parents wouldn’t have to go into debt to pay my hospital bills. Insurance is protection from debt that can be caused and be made to increase by accidents that aren’t already covered, and you’re stuck to pay for it. Life insurance is protection for someone’s relatives. When someone dies, there are funeral costs, burying cost. If relatives of the deceased don’t have the life insurance to pay for the cost of all that is related to burying someone, then they are left with a financial burden. The relatives most likely are already dealing with their own debt, paying bills and taking care of their children, so where does the money to provide for funeral cost come from? This is why insurance is so critical in everyday life necessities; no one can predict when an accident occurs. If a storm occurs and a tree falls on your house, it most likely wasn’t planned. Therefore if you cannot predict the inevitable, it’s only common sense to have a safety protection net like insurance and  have it  accessible to you that in a likely event that something unforeseen does occur, you are prepared, no anxiety, no pressure, just call your insurance company and they’ll take care of it. I’ve seen firsthand what kind of pressure can build up into one person and their family because they are left with a burden that could’ve been avoided if there was insurance involved. My Aunt and her family came to stay with us for a few weeks a couple years ago, because of a fire that burned down her family’s home. Luckily they weren’t in the home when the actual fire occurred. My Aunt and her husband bought the house 6 months before the fire; they used a good portion of their savings to pay for it. At the time they didn’t focus on homeowner insurance right away, they said they thought after buying the house, considering the property tax and the cost of moving, home owner insurance can wait.  Little did they know that accidents don’t wait, they just happen. Just like that their whole house was gone, including most belongings and all the money they put into the house burned away along with the house. My Aunt and My Uncle were devastated. I remember the looks on their face as they were explaining the story to my mother. Although they were thankful no one was hurt, they were still pained that the money they both worked so hard for was all gone. My Aunt was angry at my Uncle for a while saying she told him to get the home insurance, but he kept saying it could wait or we’ll get it soon. Insurance does not only relieve you from financial stress, but mental and emotional stress as well. With loans from my mother and other family members my aunt and her family were able to settle back into a place, where they will perhaps live until they save up to buy another home. Except hopefully this time, they will consider home insurance first. No person is responsible for accidents, but make sure to always be prepared with good insurance. Insurance has an effect on one’s family and their lively hood. I’m seventeen and I just started driving. I know once I get my own car, insurance is the first thing I will purchase, because then I will feel and drive much more comfortable knowing I’m protected financially if an accident were to occur. It gives me a feeling of comfortability and I know it does the same for my family. Insurance to me can be described in terms of that of a safety net underneath a tight rope. With lots of practice sure I feel comfortable walking a tight rope, I never felled before so why have a safety net underneath me? One day I’m walking that tight rope and I accidently slip, now I’m seriously injured. This could’ve been avoided if I had my safety net, just like financial burden could’ve been avoided if you had insurance. Insurance summed up in a few words is protection for you and your family; this concludes my reasons of why I think insurance is important and actually necessary.

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