Guadalupe L

A word cannot define itself but is there any other word that connotes the same meaning as insurance?  The word brings many things to mind such as mandatory, bills, debt perhaps even an abhorrent reluctance towards it.  It is possible these feelings would not arise from the word insurance, if there was not a universal industry that stems from it.  Never the less, it is because of this industry that families have been assured commodity, businesses a leaning shoulder in case of disaster, and cars a chance at rejuvenation.  It is because of this industry that we can all be assured a safety net.  A safety net which we have all depended on at some point or another, a safety net that keeps chaos at bay.  Without it we would be lost, insurance is important and it is necessary.

It is true that we do not know the value of what we have until we lose it.  However, I find the opposite can be said for insurance we do not know the importance of it until we need it and it comes through.  I am only seventeen and have not been exposed to the full scope of, well, everything.  But most people my age have had experiences with insurance.  In the past I have spilled water on my phone, broken my glasses and been a part of a minor car accident.  All of these incidents were covered by insurance.  It is because of situations like these where I come to realize the importance of insurance.  Insurance takes a burden of our shoulders it eases the consequences of daily and rare troubles.  It is human nature to be complete klutz and it is reassuring to know that when the inevitable strikes insurance will be there to help fix it.

Other times life takes its course and we lose people we love, people we depend on, people that matter and cannot seem to go on without.  Nothing can fix moments like these, nothing can subdue the pain of loss.  But while we are grieving the world goes on.  Insurance is there to make sure you can also keep going with the world, with your life.  Life insurance cannot mend this it can only help ease the journey towards recuperation.  A friend of mine lost her dad to a heart condition, it took time for her family to keep on going.  Her father had life insurance this helped them get back on their feet economically, it took away the weariness.  They did not have to worry about who would provide for them while they wallowed in their sadness.  It is during situations like this that I am amazed at the privilege we have to be able to rely on insurance.

Insurance is more than a word it is a thing, a thing we often take for granted and frown towards.  Insurance is essential, it is the rudimentary for peace of the mind, at least for my parents.  With family you never know what can happen.  At any given moment someone can get sick, something can get lost damaged or an accident can happen.  I know that I speak for many people when I say that it is comforting not having to worry about the cost of medical bills, accidents etc.  I know that insurance is like an unwelcome friend, they are there but you do not always want them to be.  Yes, insurance cost money but looking at the many incidents it has helped my family with, I think insurance is worth every cent, because it repays in so many ways.  Insurance should not be important to only me but anyone whom benefits from it.

Insurance is the anchor that holds businesses together when something fails.  If a business got robbed or burned down it would be backed up by insurance, that should be reassuring to business owners.   Say natural disaster struck even if the Insurance building got swept away, the policy would remain.  I think the industry of insurance is extraordinary because it is the pillar that will never fall; it is possible but the likelihood of it happening is unlikely.

Insurance dictates every aspect of my life not in an authoritarian way but in a welcoming one.  I am grateful for the times insurance has protected my family and I, this is why insurance is important to me.  Insurance has offered recompense in loss and I know it will continue to, this is why insurance is important to me.  Insurance is the backbone for the daily mishaps and it has served as a safety net in my life and the life’s of those around me.  This is why insurance is important to me.

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