Grant Z

Insurance is a very necessary and important thing to have. To me, having insurance means that I will have peace of mind every time I walk out of my house, get behind the wheel of my car, and if I had a problem with my health. In a hypothetical situation, I am driving home from work. I turn the corner to enter my neighborhood and there I see it. The charred remains of my home. I speak with one of the firefighters who has determined that the house caught fire due to a catastrophic electrical failure. Now, what am I gonna do? Fortunately, I thought ahead. I remembered to purchase homeowners insurance. I’m completely covered. I don’t have to worry about not having a home or anything like that. All I have to do is find another house and start all over again. Losing a house in a fire isn’t a good situation to be in, but it is always made much easier when the homeowner has an insurance plan.

Every time I get behind the wheel of my car, there is always a chance that something could go very wrong. People are involved in car accidents every day. In a lot of these accidents, people die. If two people are involved in an accident and the driver at fault is killed in the accident, that driver’s family is gonna be in a bad situation. Or are they? Fortunately, that driver took out a life insurance policy. His family won’t be on their own. They will have the financial support that they need to survive until they find another way to support themselves. Their family is taken care of but what about the other driver. His car is totaled and it isn’t even his fault. Is he gonna be walking everywhere from now on? Fortunately for him, every driver on the road is required by law to have car insurance. The damages done to his car are paid for. He gets to have his car repaired so now he doesn’t have to worry about walking to work.

If I am in a situation where my health is threatened and I need to go to the emergency room, I would probably be facing some pretty hefty medical bills. Fortunately for me, one of my parents is retired Air Force and is covered by Tricare Prime. My parents are covered by this medical insurance for the rest of their lives and I am covered by it until I am 26 years old. All of my injuries are covered by Tricare Prime. I will get a bill but it will be significantly smaller than it would be if I was on my own paying for medical bills.

When you get right down to it, insurance helps hundreds of thousands of people day after day after day. People get in situations they never expected to be in. No one gets behind the wheel of their car and thinks to themselves “Today is gonna be the day that I get in a wreck and get killed.” That is just not the way people are. No one expects to be hurt, it will always be the other guy who gets killed. In the real world, that isn’t always the case. People get in car wrecks and there is lots of money involved in that. That is why insurance is a thing. Insurance is there to be a backup for people to fall back on when the unexpected happens. When bad things happen to people insurance is there to help out. It is a wonderful thing and it is great that it is made available to pretty much whoever wants it. When people homes are destroyed, insurance is there to make sure they don’t end up living in a cardboard box in an alley. When Dad dies from a heart attack, insurance is there to make sure that the family can support themselves until they find another way to live. When people get in a car wreck, insurance is there to make sure that they can get their medical bills paid for, cars repaired and to prevent them from suing each other.

It is great that insurance is such a big part of people’s lives in this country. Because of insurance, no one is left their own when the unexpected happens. People get to recover from the lows of life much faster than they would by themselves. To me, insurance means that people are given a second chance when bad things happen.

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