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Fortunately, there are many different types of insurance available to American citizens. Some examples include car insurance, home-owner’s insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, pet insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, and business insurance. A company works to customize a plan for each individual costumer by sorting an extensive list of policies to find the best combination for the costumer’s lifestyle. Insurance companies help their costumers feel financially secure in various aspects of their life. They can cover a great percentage of expenses and help refund the cost of lost or damaged items. I believe the most important type of insurance is health insurance. Health insurance is broad and can cover many different types of incidents. Healthcare bills have increased with inflation in order for the medical companies to continue to make enough profit. Health insurance allows us to not only cover profit mark-ups, but have a higher standard of healthcare on a daily basis, too. Also, it can help cover unexpected charges as my parents realized shortly after I was born.

Recently, the costs of potentially life-changing prescriptions, therapies, and surgeries have skyrocketed. It is unfair for the community of patients. The high demand for these products and services has allowed the companies to continue to raise their prices. As medicine advances, people are realizing the need for these products. This change has been especially noticeable for allergy related medications such as anaphylactic shock reversing intramuscular medications. Therefore, those companies’ profits are increasing. Even a cheap medication can become costly if a person is prescribed to use it daily for a long period of time. The daily, monthly, or weekly, prescriptions add together. Unfortunately, as a result of these rising prices, patients are unable to afford the care they need. Health insurance allows medical institution workers and pharmacy companies to prosper without inhibiting a patient’s access to the necessary treatments.

Health insurance companies cover more than just big expenses though. It gives their costumers the opportunity to maintain their personal health and fitness by covering well-checks. For example, depending on your specific policy, health insurance can assist costumers with co-pays, check-ups, eye care, and dental health bills. We should not ever take our health for granted. If a person has a history of a specific disorder or disease in their family, it is important to routinely be checked for associated signs and symptoms. Some sicknesses, such as cancer can be detected early. If cancer is found, treatment can begin as soon as possible. Patients will have less expensive diagnostic bills after insurance is applied. This way, their money can be utilized for better things including treatments. By helping cover the day to day costs of maintaining our personal health, the insurance encourages us to visit the doctors’ offices. As a result, we are each encouraged to lead healthier lives.

On a personal note, my parents realized that health insurance can make a great difference in hospital bills. After I was born pre-mature, I had to spend six weeks in neonatal care. I needed constant attention from different types of nurses and specialists. Also, my mother needed assistance from prenatal care doctors. In the time leading up to my birth, and during the six weeks after, the bills compiled. The total cost ended up being more than one-hundred thousand dollars! That is a great expense for two young parents with another child at home. Luckily, the insurance plan my family had covered about ninety percent of the cost. Without this great amount of relief from the insurance company, my parents would not have been able to afford to keep me in the hospital. They may have had to sacrifice other needs such as the mortgage or electricity bills. As it has been exemplified in this story, you can see why an unexpected health crisis is another reason health insurance is important to me. Another unexpected medical expense may include emergency surgeries. It is beneficial to not have to worry about the cost of the surgery when you have to worry about the health of a loved one.

From these main reasons, it would be wise for one to conclude that it is essential for everyone to have insurance. It allows profit while keeping a high standard of care for Americans. It covers more than just large costs, too. Furthermore, it helps fund a range of unpredictable medical needs. I hope that I have convinced my audience about the need for insurance. Thank you for your time and attention towards this issue.

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