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Insurance has restored countless lives to those who have been in very critical conditions. Whether it be homeowner’s insurance that has allowed families the ability to own their own homes after they lost them due to a natural disaster, to health insurance which has allowed people to get the treatment and the healthcare they desperately needed, insurance has helped individuals and families get through some of life’s most trying and difficult times without putting them in financial ruin. However, the benefactors of insurance are not only limited to those in life threatening scenarios. From what I have witnessed, insurance has a major impact on preventing seemingly small accidents along with major life threatening disasters from being a hindrance that cause people not to be able to live their lives the way they should be able to.

Insurance preventing small accidents from hindering a person’s future is exemplified by my friend Maia. Maia came from a financially set family. Her dad had a good job, and her mom stayed home to care for Maia’s two little brothers. However, during our junior year in high school Maia’s dad got laid off, and they no longer had a stable source of income. Determined to still be able to attend college, Maia got excellent grades in her remaining semesters at school and started to work two jobs her junior year, through the rest of the school year and summer, and into her senior year to start saving up money to be able to afford tuition at the local state college, the University of New Mexico. Her parents were able to pay a portion of the cost of tuition, and if Maia saved up enough money she could afford tuition for the first year with scholarships and loans, and she planned on working in college to be able to pay for the rest of the years. One day after school our senior year, Maia got distracted while driving home from school and rear ended another car stopped at a stop light. No one was hurt, but the other car endured severe damage. The damages to the other car totaled to nearly $4,000. Luckily, Maia was insured by her family’s car liability insurance. If Maia had not been insured, she would’ve had to pay the amount from the money she had been saving up for her college tuition, and she would not have been able to pay for school. The scenario she was in, wasn’t a result of a natural disaster and it wasn’t life threatening, however, this honest mistake could have had serious life consequences. Her being insured prevented a brief lapse of concentration from ruining her future.

Insurance also can help aid people through serious life threatening issues. This idea is very prevalent in my grandma’s life as she has gone through serious health issues these past years. Two years ago my grandma was rushed to the hospital, because she fainted in her living room. After a stressful day of waiting in anticipation, the doctors told us she had an irregular heart beat, and her body wasn’t producing sufficient amounts of red blood cells. This meant she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. It was decided my grandma had to go into surgery to get a pace-maker put in on her heart to regulate her heart beat, and she would need to have an oxygen tank with her to supply her with oxygen. After surgery she had to stay at a caring facility so she could recover from surgery, and when she finally got home, nurses had to come over 4 times a week to check up on her. She still has to make frequent trips to the hospital to see doctors. Without good health insurance this entire process would have been devastating for my grandparents financially. They had built a pretty stable retirement fund, but it would not have been able to support the enormous hospital bills that they were incurring from this entire process. Having good insurance allowed my grandma to receive the care she needed, and eliminated any worrying about finances so everyone, including my grandma, could focus on what was important, her health.

No matter the scenario, having insurance always helps limit the severity of things that we can’t predict and that are out of our control. Having insurance prevents situations ranging from instantaneous mistakes, to serious health conditions from burdening someone’s life to the point they can no longer enjoy it.  We as humans are bound to make mistakes, and we’re bound to have difficult times thrust upon us at the most inconvenient times in our lives. But that is why having insurance is a necessity, not a luxury. Every person needs insurance, because it only takes a split second, and your whole world could be turned upside down. I will always value and appreciate the insurances I have, because I know it will allow me to succeed and live my life to the fullest, no matter what setbacks life throws at me.

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