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The first time I saw the importance of insurance was when I was seven years old. I remember sitting in a chair in a hospital with a neon pink cast weighing down on my foot. We had just moved to Florida, and my parents had already warned me that we had to save money for a while because it was an expensive venture to move to a new place. My mom was defensively looking through the medical bill, and I remember curiously asking her about it. She leaned over and showed me the total cost of medical bill, and my jaw dropped and my heart dropped lower. I could not believe that I was the reason my parents had to pay that insane number. Feeling desperate, I asked her, “Do we really have to pay for all of that?” She thumbed to another page in the stack and she said, “Thanks to our insurance we don’t have to pay it all; we just pay this small amount called a co-pay”. With much relief, I happily went back to my blissful, seven year old mental state. Nevertheless, from that moment on, the importance of having insurance became very real and very important to me.

I know that whether I like it or not, unforeseen occurrences happen all the time, and when they do occur, it can leave people feeling vulnerable, agitated, and depressed. For me, having insurance is essential to mitigating those feelings that can subdue me, if an accident should occur that I cannot afford to pay for on my own. Especially as a student going through college, the idea of having to turn around to pay for a huge medical bill, or a natural disaster seems like a complete nightmare. Thankfully, I know that if anything were to occur, I would not have to face paying the bill on my own. Having insurance would allow me to get the care and the materials I need to get back on my feet, without the side order of overwhelming debt that usually comes with unfortunate incidents.

Insurance for me means that I can be independent. It means I would not have to risk affecting my relationship with my friends and family by asking to borrow money from them. There is a Spanish saying that says: ”If you want to lose a friend, ask him to give you a loan”. It may sound funny, but sadly it is often true. I witnessed firsthand an experience of friend who dealt with the complication of turning towards family and friends instead of having insurance. I remember my friend had a tree fall on his home after a hurricane. The fallen tree broke a window and part of his roof. Unfortunately, he did not have home insurance that could have covered the damages. Instead, he relied on a loan from his aunt, whom he promised he would pay back. For about a year, he avoided his aunt because he felt guilty he could not pay her what he owed. If he would have had insurance, he would have been able to avoid feeling dependent on someone to help him pay his bills, and he would have avoided feeling embarrassed that he could not pay her back as fast as he thought he could. Although I cannot foresee the accidents that may abruptly enter my life, I can make sure I am prepared to handle them by having insurance so that I never have to panhandle for money from friends and family. This is an especially attractive factor about having insurance since I know that I do not like to ask for favors all the time, and I would not like to appear to be a needy person to others. To have the need to reach out to others to ask for money is the exact opposite of the independent and self sufficient attitude I strive to possess in my life.

Having insurance makes just as much sense to me as keeping a life preserver near a pool, or a fire extinguisher in a kitchen. We hope we never have to use these items, but we prudently have them available just in case an accident should occur. Insurance is the smartest investment I can make to protect myself and my belongings. It takes a lot of the worry and uncertainty off of my shoulders to know that I am covered in case I should face a catastrophic unforeseen occurrence. Personally, having insurance coverage is so important to me. I feel it is an essential key to becoming the successful and independent person that I continuously strive to be each and every day.

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