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The majority of growing death rate in poor countries is as a result of uninsurance. Some people choose not to have insurance because they are not aware of the importance of it. They believe nothing will ever happen to them or if they have insurance, they are just testing their luck. But insurance is more than just testing your luck. It is your protection when facing everyday tasks. I moved from the small island of Haiti to the great opportunity country of America when I was five years old. My mother arrived two years later and worked a minimum wage job which was the only time she ever had insurance. She was able to go to the dentist once and since she could no longer work after an injury on the job she has not gone since. Because she cannot afford taking care of myself and her basic needs, I moved in with her niece. Before that, I had only gone to the dentist once. I could not keep up with check ups at doctors, dentists, or eye doctors because my family did not have money. It was fortunate of me to have never gotten physically injured or my mother would have had to pay the medical bill out of pocket, which she did not have. When I moved in with my mother’s niece, she kindly put me under her insurance. Because of that, I have been able to keep up with living a healthy life. There are millions of other people who are just like me. They are either nearsighted or farsighted and need glasses. Imagine not being able to drive because you cannot even see where you are going or see who you may be looking for. Unless you either have insurance or the money to pay for all the fees plus the glasses, you will never see clear again. Some people have bad teeth and need braces. There are some people that have gingivitis because they have never been to the dentist. The most painful experience comes at some point in ones life when they need to get their wisdom teeth removed. This can all be fixed only with insurance. Even if you have a job, who wants to pay all of that money? There are people who are born with health conditions that must be kept up with regularly and require insurance. A lot of these issues my mother faces she does not have insurance. She has gingivitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and the only way she gets to manage a few is through medicaid. The little help she is able to get through the government, she sought after it. If anything serious were to happen to her at any point and time and she does not have a better insurance plan, she will end up contributing to the growing number of deaths. If I were to get in an auto accident, I would not have to pay thousands of dollars to get restore any physical injuries. If a few of my teeth were lost in that accident, I could go to the dentist and get fillers without much of a charge. If my glasses were broken in the accident, I could call my eye doctor and request a replacement for free. This is only because I have insurance. While I have only covered health insurance, Auto and Home insurance is just as important. The car accident I could potentially be in can be fixed quickly if I have auto insurance. They will simply give me another car to drive while they fix my car. Accidents will not always be only your fault. People are selfish and some drive while under the influence. Others are reckless or are not completely aware of their surroundings because of distractions. Everyone is guilty of changing the radio station while driving or looking at a quick text message. These reason are potential risks to an accident.  Also, natural disasters are inevitable and I advise that any individual who owns a home to be prepared. Get insured. If your home burned down or a tornado came and you do not have insurance then you just lost everything. I mean, all of it. But if you do have insurance, your company may provide 75% – all of the home back. Insurance is even offered when buying electronics to prevent potentially losing a brand new valuable device. There are very clumsy people that walk by you and your laptop my fall and get completely damaged or you yourself might spill your morning coffee on it. With simply insuring it, you can take it back and get a replacement. It is very important to be insured in all aspects of life. Yes, some may not be able to afford it, and some may not bother, but being covered it worth more than losing everything.

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