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Insurance is very important to everyone in any situation. Unpredictable death, car accidents, home damage; these are just some catastrophe’s that can happen. Having insurance can help in so many ways. My husband and I have life insurance with a company we have been with for over ten years; both my sons have life insurance through Gerber. We also have had auto insurance through GEICO for almost ten years. Since 2010 we have had house insurance with Allstate for six years now. Having insurance gives me a peace of mind. The only bad thing is when times are rough and I cannot make the premiums.

My experience with having a life insurance policy goes all the way back when I was 16. I graduated a year early from high school and started working to help my parents financially. Now that I was making money; I started getting more calls from relatives. My uncle worked for this company that sold life insurance policies; I bought one through my uncle. It was for two hundred thousand dollars term life and I paid thirty-two dollar premium each month for it. Knowing if something were to happen to me; this life insurance would help my parents when I am gone; really gave me relief, less stress, and peace of mind. My older sister had a friend who was selling life insurance. She thought it would be a great idea if we, my siblings and I, all bought life insurance policies for our mother. In 2009 the saddest year of my life, my mother passed away and I thank God I never missed a premium payment for her insurance policy I bought twenty years prior. The insurance company was amazing. I basically gave the mortuary the company’s name and they did everything. I mean I didn’t have to write anything, wait, that was it, done; I really appreciated that. I did not need any problems during that time my head was a mess, my heart broken and my life did not matter. My mom was gone and I wanted to go with her. So, my share of the funeral expenses were covered thanks to life insurance. This is why today my husband and I have life insurance even my kids because you never know; you never want to burden love ones.

GEICO in Hawaii is the best. We moved to Hawaii in 2006 and had GEICO ever since. I compared car insurance quotes from about five other company’s and GEICO was the cheapest. This is how I chose GEICO for our auto insurance. I really didn’t know how reliable they were; until 2007 when my husband got into a really bad accident. He survived thank God, but he messed up his hip. GEICO was amazing. They also took care of everything. My husband was almost home coming from work, dozed off and hit a brand new Truck. I ran down the hill saw the firemen using the jaws-of-life to pull him out of the car. It was the most frightening sight; the Truck was on its side, the car was crushed. I heard his voice screaming ouch and it was the best sound, thank you Jesus he is alive. We were in escrow buying a condo, we just moved, my husband was the only one working at the time. My head was spinning. GEICO covered the other vehicle with a brand new Truck, not only that but just the way they handled everything we didn’t have to do anything. I just love that.

In 2010 we moved into our first house; the house was built in 2006 so it was brand new. One day we noticed the kitchen counter was full of water, come to find out something busted the water pipe and water was shooting everywhere. We contacted our association first; they didn’t cover anything just the exterior. So, I called our insurance company and they came right away estimated the damages and cut us a check that same day. Wow, that’s what I’m talking about. The insurance money covered all the repairs. Fixed the leaky pipe; put up new dry wall and repainted the wall. Like nothing happened. Having insurance helps when unforeseen things like this happen. I just love that.

The only bad thing about having insurance is not having insurance. I can’t imagine my family’s life if we didn’t have life insurance. My mom’s life insurance helped bury her RIP. My family’s car insurance; that helped save my family from what could have left us in debt forever. My family’s house insurance; helped us enjoy our new home even more. Imagine just buying your first home and your kitchen floods. All these things are a part of life; having insurance gave my family peace of mind. You never know what unforeseen thing life throws at you; having insurance helps say “you’re going to be alright”.

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