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Throughout the years, as I have attended high school, I have taken on many more responsibilities. Whether it is being old enough to find work, or learning how to drive a car, these responsibilities  help teenagers mature and grow. However, as we get older, we will have more and more of these opportunities that will become part of our daily lives. These can include buying or renting a house, buying a car, or financing a loan through a bank. Though these can be daunting and intimidating tasks, having insurance for these milestones can help people achieve successful and fulfilled lives.

Car insurance is extremely important for teenagers and adults alike. Knowing how to drive a car is almost a necessity in this day and age and certainly a necessity where I live. So, I started learning to drive as soon as I turned fifteen.  However, I quickly found out that I was terrified of driving. This did not help me in my driving endeavors. In fact, it made it very difficult for me to practice anything because I was so afraid of getting on the road. Then, to make matters worse, I had a wreck a couple months after I got my permit. I had been too nervous and ended up turning in front of another car. Now this is certainly not my proudest moment and I felt awful about wrecking my mom’s car, but, luckily, my parents had car insurance which helped immensely. Everything was quickly taken care of and I was back on the road in no time. Fortunately, I have not had an accident since and, now two years later, I am a much safer and more confident driver.

Another instance of the great importance of car insurance is when my dad had his accident. He had backed into another person’s car, leaving a dent in the car door. Our  insurance paid the other driver for the damage done, and, again, everything was quickly taken care of so we could get back to our daily lives.

I have also seen first-hand the importance of Home-owner’s Insurance. Everyone wants their homes to be safe for themselves and their family. When something goes wrong, it is comforting to know that you have a helping hand and  financial aid. We are currently in the process of replacing our roof. Due to hail damage, it would be unsafe for us to live under our current roof for much longer. Without insurance, my parents would have to pay approximately $15,000 just to, literally, keep a roof over our heads. However, thanks to our Home-owner’s Insurance, the cost for our roof replacement has been completely covered. I also have witnessed Home-owner’s Insurance helping the people in the surrounding area. We have dealt with many tornadoes and aggressive storms in Texas. Every year people  have their homes destroyed  because of severe weather. Having insurance during these difficult times has helped people rebuild and take back their lives.

One last insurance important to me is Health Insurance. This insurance can be used to help pay for anything from broken bones to major surgeries. Though I have never had to have any major medical attention, my brother has been to the ER multiple times throughout his life. He is an extremely active boy, but with that comes many injuries. He has broken his collar bone and, most recently, he broke his ankle. However, when he was nine, he had a major injury that was very frightening for my family. He had been playing outside on an extremely cold day and fell, face-first on icy, concrete. He was immediately rushed to emergency care. It was determined that three of his front teeth had been forced up into the gums and that his upper jaw was fractured. Luckily, his teeth were able to be saved and, though it took months, his mouth healed completely. Our Health Insurance has helped pay, and continues to help pay for all the doctor visits related to this injury. Without that insurance we would not have been able to afford the care he needed.

Throughout my life, I have seen insurance used in many ways to help me live happily and safely. Without these insurances, I would not have the house I live in, the car I drive, the level of health I enjoy, or many of the other luxuries in life that  I can so easily take for granted. I am grateful for the many ways insurance has improved the way of life for our friends,  our family, and our country.

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