Ezra R

I lay face down in the warm dirt. I take quick inventory of my body. I work my way up from my toes, and everything checks out until I find the numb spot in my right wrist. The adrenaline wears off, and the sharp pain comes roaring through my arm. That pain however, is not what sets off the panic within me, nor was it the constant questions of the medic, nor was it my protective father being distraught over his son being hurt. The thought of an insane medical bill is what scares me the most. The shape of my arm tells me that this is going to be a trip to the emergency room. What it did end up costing me was not even close to the numbers I had imagined when lying and waiting for an ambulance. This event is one of three in the last four months that has made me so utterly thankful for my insurance. A car accident, my motocross crash, and losing $18,000 in scholarships due to a financial department mistake have shown me that insurance is an absolute necessity in life.

The car accident was the first wave of trouble that my insurance softened. School was starting in a month, so I took a trip to see some family before I started. After visiting a while I was heading home, and a car was parked on a downward slope across the street. It was hidden by my boxy vehicle, and fit perfectly out of view. After thinking everything was clear, I backed too far out and hit the vehicle. Being the worrisome person I am, I immediately started thinking about how this was going to affect the savings I had accumulated over the summer for school. After estimates, the damage came to roughly $3000 for my vehicle and the one I hit. I was appalled that the only amount I had to pay to the insurance company was $500. It even covered the windshield for the rental car that was cracked from a rock that hit it. Another $300 saved. Had I had to pay the whole total, my savings account would have been well beyond drained, leaving me no money to buy my books for college. That would have been over $600 for me to come up with on the spot. Already I was immensely grateful for my car insurance.

The next event that put insurance into focus for me was the motocross crash anecdote told earlier. Doctor’s appointments were once a week as they tried to save me from having to get surgery. I had broken my distal radius and ulna just before my wrist. Due to both forearm bones being snapped, they moved about freely. They attempted to push my bones back together and put me in a tight splint to try and hold them, but they moved three times further than allowed, forcing me to get surgery. The total for the plate, seven screws, and everything else came in the mail three days ago. I was stunned. $23,000 for the whole ordeal. My insurance covered over 90% of the total cost. I was nearly in tears that there could be such a wonderful system in this country. However, while recovering I was hit with yet another roadblock.

One afternoon I checked my school email and found an email from the financial department telling me that $18,000 in scholarships would not be awarded to me. The financial office had made the mistake during a change of campus request. I had won a scholarship at my high school worth $16,000 through my choice university. However, I swapped campuses, and made sure the scholarship would follow me. After talking with multiple people, I was told it would. This was not the case. I laid in bed, stunned by the email sent to me. I did not think that such a thing was possible. After going back and forth with the financial department, the head of finance for engineering scraped together a scholarship for me worth $2,000 to replace another $2,000 one that had been revoked as well in the same issue. I am extremely grateful for her efforts, but disappointed that such a catastrophic mistake could have been allowed through the whole mess. Luckily, I have my insurance company to back me up with the rest of life’s challenges.

If I did not have my insurance company, I would be paying much more than just tuition for school. Although I have lost such an amount of money, my car accident and my massive medical bills have been mostly covered by insurance. I must remember to be thankful that I have this help as I struggle to pay my tuition. My jealously tends to peak when I hear of others having governmental aid for school, or their parents are paying for college for them. Although I am on my own to pay for tuition other than what scholarships I can accumulate, I have my insurance company to protect against the more immediate emergencies in life, and they have not let me down. That is why insurance will always remain important to me.

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