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Over the course of the past few years I have been very fortunate to have been well and free from any major crisis where I underwent a major experience with insurance involving me personally.  But as I have worked as a personal injury paralegal for almost three years, I have come to appreciate and respect not only the benefits of insurance but also the importance of having insurance.  Have you ever taken a moment to realize what insurance actually means to you personally? Or how it has affected you or those whom you love?  I have just over the course of the last few years by working in a law firm realized how insurance and the benefits therein can have an effect on even the best of us.

Of course, no one plans for their house to burn down or for their loved one to be in a life-threatening accident and expect to have the money or funds in the bank to cover the huge bills that come as a result.  Many times, the amount of money owed creates enough stress to put one in a financial bind let alone the deductibles that insurance premiums require one to meet on demand or the copays required to be seen by doctors and other healthcare specialists. No one plans on having an injury at work when you are doing your normal day to day activities. One lives life as usual and lo and behold when something happens in the form of an injury or accident, it always comes when you least expect it. Then all eyes turn to your insurance company hoping the institution will cover those huge bills.

I believe Insurance is a vital necessity. I see insurance as a wonderful way to protect and insure against misfortune, whether that be to cover the loss of life, or doctor’s bills, car accidents, uninsured drivers and even much more. I have never had a personal catastrophe and I hope I never do, but I have been very close to some people who have experienced the benefits of insurance.

My best friend’s husband died in a terrible car accident when a transfer truck slammed into the back of his truck on an icy morning.  No one ever dreamed that this would ever be possible and no one ever expected this loss of life.  Not only was the devastation and loss immense but the bills were incalculable. Where was she going to get the money to pay for the medical bills, funeral, burial costs, etc.? This young family with a one-year old daughter had never thought anything like this could ever happen and never planned on needing life insurance so soon. There again that’s why insurance is so important because even in this incredibly dark and unfortunate time there was a solace in having insurance as a cushion to fall back on.  Again, this was so devastating yet unexpected, but without insurance one’s life would be even more miserable having to conjure up the money or the funds needed to cover the expenses.

I think most young people do not think that something terrible could happen. People do not normally like to think about what could happen to their families if an unexpected situation were to occur. I never thought this way before my best friend’s husband died. Now I see insurance in a whole different way.  Since this accident I have made sure that I have all possible insurance coverages. Having life insurance is definitely a plus! Insurance is important all the way around. For instance, in the terrible accident where my best friend’s husband died, the insured party at fault covered everything including pain and suffering. That’s why it is so important to have insurance or it would be coming out of your own pocket.

Medical Insurance often acts as a life saver. Especially to those that have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or are having recurring illnesses. Many times, there is no possible way someone would be able to pay for the treatments, hospital bills, surgery, etc. and the insurance company can often pay a bulk of the bill and take the weight off your shoulders. In addition, being a new home owner, insurance is definitely a must have. Before I owned my own house I was renting from a family friend. They had a pipe burst on the third floor of the home and no one was there on the second and third floor, but only on the first floor. The water flooded the 3rd floor totally and ruined the wood floor. The water came through the lights and ruined the ceiling on the second floor. It finally made its way to the 1st floor where it was noticed but by then it was too late the damage had been done.  That could have been a total nightmare if that happened to someone who did not have any home owners insurance or renters insurance.  Would it have been my fault and I did not have renter’s insurance that could have been even more of a disaster.

I have briefly described the importance of having insurance and what it means to me but I believe the event that made me more appreciative and insurance more meaningful was watching my best friend endure her loss. It was breathtaking. It was an eye opener for me.  It began to make me appreciate at a much higher level that we need to be prepared.  Insurance is one of the many avenues wherein one can be prepared not only for the most minute losses but also life’s worst.  Although I have seen the importance of being insured and for those around me to be insured, the many faces of insurance, its benefits and importance have changed the way I see insurance even in its most basic form. It has created a sense in my heart and mind to plan for the unthinkable, my future and the welfare of my family.

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